your enemiesOur life is a challenge. There is no single personality in this world who has never had any troubles in his life. All of us have them. Celebrities are unlucky because all the world is aware of their problems. Angelina Jolie could not hide her cancer. Every single dog in the world knows that Angelina Jolie had cancer. People who are unknown are luckier because they do not share their problems with the world. It can be very difficult for a person to have a problem and at the same time be aware that his problem is world-wide known. This knowledge may increase your stress level and your problems will double. That what happens with celebrities. Sometimes they become good victims of different critics and evil people. I have shown you that even the healthiest and the most famous people in the world have problems. There is no need to tell you that every one of us has personal enemies. These people hate us and they wait for a good moment to start attacking and hurting us. Nowadays, physical attacks are very rare because it is very likely that the attacker will be caught and then maybe imprisoned or sentenced to a huge fine. It is very good when people afraid of the police. If there is no police in the world we could not feel any safety in our life. So let me tell you that psychological and mental attacks are widely spread in the world. No matter what types of attacks we might encounter, it is very important to know that every one of us has enemies. The more successful you become, the more serious enemies you have. It is a rule. Envy is a common emotion and feeling of people. There may be a few amounts of people in the world who are free from this evil feeling. Your enemies may have hurt you in your life and you may be frustrated by the fact that you did not take revenge. Thinking and considering your enemies make your life awful. Let me tell you something. I have a huge number of enemies. All of them have power and I have suffered much because of them. I also had serious life problems and I can assure you that my problems were a billion times bigger and more terrible than yours. Look at me. By the grace of God, I am successful now and all their evil tricks did not hurt me anyhow. I decided to write this post in order to help you to completely forget about your enemies. Let me give you some reasons why you should do it.


You should forget about your enemies because they merely do not worth your reminiscence. There are lots of pretty and wonderful people whom you should remember and think about. Your enemies are terrible, evil creatures, and they do not deserve to be in your mind. All of us have the ability to control our thoughts and thinking.  I do not tell you that bad emotions are not necessary. Oppositely, I claim that bad emotions and feelings are parts of our psychics and they are necessary. Imagine yourself feeling pleasure while touching a fire. What would be with you? You would die. Feeling pain lets you know that fire is dangerous. Bad senses are necessary. However, there are some negative thoughts that are caused by our memory and imagination. Usually, we remind ourselves of frustrating moments and events that happened in our life. These mental actions make us more frustrated. There are some bad emotions which we should avoid. When something reminds you about your enemies, try to stay away from remembering about them and evade the things that remind you of them. 


How often do we feel very happy? Usually, it happens a few times in our life. There may be some special events that sometimes may make us happy. It is impossible to be happy every day and every time. Maybe if you win 1 million dollars every day, you may be happy every day. Even if you win 1 million every day, there will be other negative things that will turn you into a bad mood. My idea is that our life has a lack of good and positive emotions. That means that we should avoid negative feelings as much as possible. With the lack of happiness in our life, reminding ourselves about our enemies will make our living terrible. I hate and disgust my enemies. I think that dogs are much better and humane than my enemies. If you have some real enemies, you should also have the same feelings as I have. If you do so, reminiscing about them won’t make you happy. Life is too short. We rarely have happy moments in our in it and therefore, it is necessary to forget about your enemies and start enjoying what you have.


It does not matter how much harm your enemies have made you. Remember that even if you do not take revenge, they will receive their punishment on the Great Judgement Day. It is true and I believe it. Do you believe in courts and judges? I do not believe and trust them. The country where I live has the most corrupt judges in the world. You may kill a hundred people but if you are rich enough, you may pay some bribes and they will acquit you. These people do not afraid of God. They do not have any humane principles, mercy, and honor. A street girl has more decency than some of the people who decide our destiny. Remember that this world is not the end of everything. Criminals will be punished by the Justest Judge on the Day of a Great Judgement. No doubts that they will also see some of their punishment in this world. God sees everything and He is the Justest. Do not have any uncertainties in my sayings. Do not bother yourself with revenge and your enemies. As I have told you, they do not worth it. Achieve your goals and enjoy your life. 

There is no single individual in the world who has no enemies. Even children have enemies. Have you had enemies in your childhood? Let me tell you something about my childhood. In my kindergarten and primary school, I was the tallest boy in my class. Short boys used to envy me. I found that the shortest boys were the most aggressive in the classroom. Napoleon syndrome can be seen even in children. Short boys used to be very bully. They hated and envied me just because I was more handsome and taller than them. This what happened in my childhood. Even children have enemies. As long as you are successful and outrun others, you will always have a huge number of enemies. Do not pay attention to them. They do not exist in your life. Life is too short and there are a lot of wonderful things in the world that should preoccupy your interest.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.