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      Michael Wells

      Is it a conscious choice or it is genetically predetermined?

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      Jennie Lohan

      Some people may say that being homosexual is genetically predestined. These people think that homosexuality is a born factor. Others will claim that being agay is a personal choice of every person. Thousands of different arguments will always exist between these two groups of people. Since people have different opinions, discussions will remain to be forever.

      I belong to the second group of people who think that being gay or a lesbian is a personal choice of everyone. I think that is is not predetermined by DNA and other stuff. At the same time, I realize that hormone imbalance might be one of the reasons that make people change their sexual orientation. Thus, I can conclude that a person is not absolutely free to choose his sexual orientation. It is like 50/50. Sometimes, your hormones dictate you what to do. In other cases, becomming a gay or a lesbian is a concious choice of a person.

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      Sukriti Gole

      I don’t know whether gay genes really exist, but I do believe that bisexuality and homosexuality are both innate things. I have had a lot of conversations with gay people. All of them told me tha tthey were never attracted to people of the opposite gender. Thus, somehow, they were gay from birth.

      Also, I think that some people consciously change their sexual orientations later in life.

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      Michael Wells

      I think that curiosity is another factor. When you are done with straight sex (had hundreds of partner’s and tried everything ever imaginable), you will be automatically attracted to something unknown.

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