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      Sean Daniel

      Kardashian without makeupWhen I look at celebritiws without makeup, I find them so ugly and average. We are surely overestimating and overhyping these ladies and gentlemen. What is your opinion on this topic?

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      Michael Wells

      Absolutely. Tom Cruise is a superhero in our minds because of Mission Impossible. In real life isn’t that tough. As of female superstars, they are all gorgeous when tons of makeup is applied on their faces.

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      Sophia Johnson

      Leonardo DI CaprioSome of the Hollywood superstars are really cute, and others are definitely overhyped and overestimated. A number of Hollywood superstars truly deserve the fame they got. For example, Arnold S., Brad Pitt (very handsome), Colin Farrell, Leonardo Di Caprio, and others. Though not all of them, female superstars are enhanced with tons of makeup and photoshop.

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      Zachary Powell

      I think that we underesrtimate their acting talents. Yes, we all know and see that Hollywood superstars are beautiful, elegant, stylish, glamorous. But let’s be honest. They wouldn’t be who they are without the talent they have.

      Leonardo Di Caprio is a genius when it comes to acting. Colin Farrell is also one of the best actors in the world. Their looks make us think that they got all the fame and wealth just because they are beautiful. No! There are millions of beautiful people who will never be even in a simple movie because they lack acting talent.

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      Zachary Powell

      Sean, Kim is not an actor. As far as I know, she had been featured only in a small video clip where she screams: “Oh, yeah. Lick my pusssy.” You can find it on PornHub and XVideos.

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