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      Isabel Johnson

      PolyglotsThere are people who know 10, 15, 50 foreign languages. How can you explain the talent they have? What is the phenomenon beyond their ability to learn foreign languages?

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      Zachary Powell

      There is no such a thing as phenomenon, genius, and talent. Successful people in every field simply work harder than other people. I suggest reading Malcom Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’
      Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
      This book is brilliant. The author explains why some people reach the level of excellence in their professional activity.

      As of polyglot, these are people who are motivated to know many languages. All of them have different motivations. However, they undoubtedly need these languages. Believe me, if you really need to know another foreign language, you will learn it. Necessity is the mother of invention.

      Look at the example of an ancient priest who lived during Middle ages – Juzeppe Mozifanti. He knew up to 70 foreign languages. He had to know these languages because he was preaching people of different nationalities and cultures. There is nothing really special in people who are polyglots.

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      Caesar Klein

      Even though it is true that hard work and persistence beat everything, a strong memory is a must-have asset to become a polyglot. There are no polyglots whose memory is weak. It think that a strong motivation, powerful memory, cosmopolitan mentality combined with hard work make polyglots.

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