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      Abigale Kuhlman

      Hello. In different cultures (Arabs for ex.), cousins marry each other. I am sexually attracted to my cousin sister. She is also showing some signs of her availability. Do you think I hould have sex with her?

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      Waraka Anwar

      Hi, Abigale. I am Arab. Yes, in our culture we marry cousins. It is absolutely okay to be attracted to your cousin. This is why Muslims aren’t permited to be secluded in one room with a cousin of the opposite sex.

      If you are sure that your cousin is also attracted to you and she wants to have sex with you, then, you should do it! Life is too short to hesitate! Do it and enjoy! Plus, there a big advantage of having sex with your cousin – you don’t have to invite her anywhere, you don’t need to book a hotel and all other stuff. You can enjoy good time together either in her or your house! Do it and tell us about the experience.

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      Myrtle Cammarata

      Look if you like her, let her know about it. There is nothing wrong if she is your cousin. You know, making sex with a cousin might be more exciting and pleasurable than making sex with other girls. Moreover, your cousin knows you very well, and therefore, you won’t need to much in order to seduce her. In the beginning, girls do not trust their boyfriends, and for this reason, it takes a lot of time to seduce them. In your case, everything will happen immediately. Let her know that you like her, give her some beautiful compliments, and start acting like a real man.

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