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      Nikki Thompson

      I am traveling a lot and I am working in a sphere requiring multilingual skills. How can I learn languages faster?

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      Josefa Fisher

      Foreign languageThere are three key elements to learn any foreign language you want: grammar, practice, and environment.

      At the beginning, learn a grammar part of a foreign laguage. Learn how to construct sentences in different tenses: present, past, past continuous, present continous, future, and so on.

      The second phase is to practice as much as possible. Watch movies and TV shows in that language, read books.

      If you have an opportunity, you should live in an environment where that foreign language is spoken. This is the final stage to make your knowledge of a foreign language ideal

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      Gayatri Kannan

      Learning foreign languageLearning grammar and increasing your vocabulary are surely essential things in the process of language learning. I think that living among native people will get your knowledge to the level of excellence. If you have an opportunity to travel or live in a country that speak the language you are learning, it will be awesome.

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