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      Theresa Baker

      embarrassmentEmbarrassments happen. We don’t control our lives. Tell us about the most embarrassing this that has happened to you in your life?

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      Anna Young

      BlowjobI was 17 years old when the most embarrassing event of my life happened. We lived in New York, my mom, dad, and my little brother David. One day, my dad was invited by his business partner to a family dinner. Dad told us to get ready, we dressed, and were already in the car heading to the dinner.

      My father’s business partner lived in suburbs of NYC. It was a three-storey house. When we enetered the house, I saw Mike, that guy whom I met last summer in NYC. That summer, he was with his friends ( I suspect they were looking for girls). Shortly, we had an affair with Mike that summer. Sexual affair! Yeah, at my 17 I wasn’t a virgin anymore. MIke wasn’t the one who took my virginity. However, he was the only whom I regularly had oral and vaginal sex with. My relationship with Mike was casual. We both understood that there was nothing except hot sex uniting us.

      Well, we entered the house and I saw Mike there. I guessed he was a son of my dad’s business partner. I saw a smile on his face. I smiled too. The dinner wasn’t ready yet. My mom was talking with Mike’s mom, daddy was with his business partner, when Mike approached me. We had a small chat (something like ‘How are you?’ ‘What’s new? ‘Why did you disappear’, and other stuff). Then, he ssuggested to go uipstair to his room.

      I don’t know how it happened but after approximately 10 minutes I was standing on my knees and sucking Mike’s cock. He was in a shirt with his pants and underwear down. I was passionately sucking his penis. The feeeling of submissions was very exciting. He would almost cum when his mother suddenly entered the room to call us for the dinner which was ready. Imagine, she is entering the room and looks at us – I am on my knees sucking Mike’s hard penis. She was shocked. Her mouth widely opened. She didn’t say anything regarding the blowjob. I remember her saying: ‘The dinner is ready’. Daaamn, it was the biggest embarrassment in my life. We qucikly stood up, tidied ourselves, and went down for the dinner.

      I couldn’t look at Mike’s mom’s eyes. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. At the dinner, conversations were ususal. His mom was silent about the thing she saw a couple of minutes ago.

      Hahahahah. Today, it feels and sounds very funny. But that day, I almost wanted to kill myself.

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