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      Triston Streich

      My friend’s gonna be in jail soon. Give some advice so that I can encourage him.

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      Tuqa Kaleel

      Hello, Triston. Here is my advice.

      Here are some of the best things you can do while you are in jail:

      1) Read as many good books as possible. Educate yourself

      2) Find clever and educated prisoners. Strive to befriend them.

      3) Do not be depressed. You were predestined to be jailed before you appeared in this world.

      4) Do not say and think things like: “If I did this or this, it could happen in another way.” Accept your imprisonment as God’s plan towards you.

      5) Read and think about story of prophet Joseph (Bible), prophet Yusuf (Qoran). Think about his story. It is a very wise narration. Actually, story about Joseph is the most inspiring thing for millions of prisoners around the globe.

      6) Remember about famous and rich people who were imprisoned during their lifetime. Some of them are: Curtis Jackson, 2Pack, Mark Whalberg, Wesley Snipes, Stalin, Lenin, Saddam Hussein, Aytolla Homeini, Paulo Coelho, and many others. For some people, prison was their door to a great success. 2Pack for example, was the first person in the world who recorded a music album in a prison. He made millions of dollars by selling it. For Homeini, prison was his door to power. Sometimes, bad things lead to good things. Try to spot some positive things in your imprisonment.

      7) Write a book. In prison, you will have a lot of free time. You may waste it, or you may use it for some useful things. Write a good book, or several books. Further, you may sell them when you are free. Even if you are in prison, you can still self-publish an ebook through Amazon KDP Select.

      8) If possible, isolate yourself from gangs.

      9) Do not be desperate. Prison is a part of your life-plan

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      Blaise Marks

      The answer given by Tuqa is brilliant. I will also add a couple of good tips – ‘Don’t Trust Anyone!’, ‘Don’t Show Your Weaknesses’, ‘Spend Your Time with Benefits’.

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