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      Maybell Morar

      InfidelityNowadays,infidelity is a common thing. Husband and wives betray each other with lovers. Why is this happening. Please, give your explanations.

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      Sean Daniel

      infidelityI think that we all cheat on our spouses and lovers because of an innate tendency to get bored with routine things. Having sex with the same women or men for several years, you will certainly feel like masturbating while doing it. The same butt, tits, pussy, or penis will surely make bored everyone. People start cheating because they want to bring some novelty to their lives. This is my personal opinion. At the same time, there are dozens of other reasons why people betray their spouses.

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      Angela Murray

      spousal betrayalCan’t talk for men here. I can say that some women betray their husbands because they simply hate them. I know women who are fully financially dependent upon their husbands. They can’t divorce them because they need financial support. For these women, spousal infidelity is the only way to be somehow satisfied sexually and simply as women.

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