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      Zachary Powell

      Smart people aren't happyWhat is wrong with smart people? I find that the majority of them are never satisfied, nor happy.

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      Michael Wells

      Simple people with simple intellects have simple life goals, priorities, and life expectations.

      On the other hand, smart people set high goals, big life expectations. When everything is high and big, it isn’t always easy to achieve these goals. Frustrations comes before satisfaction. Hence, it isn’t a surprise why most smart people are chronically dissatisfied.

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      Anna Young

      Deep thinkerSmart people have a high level of consciousness and self-consciousness. They realize all the troubles and problems of the world.

      Dumb people think that the world is wonderful because they don’t know the real world. On the opposite side, smart people know about millions of people who lack even drinking water. Smart people are deep thinkers, and being too conscious is detrimental to happiness.

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