hypersexual teenager


hypersexual teenagerThis blog post will be one of the most uncommon articles on my blog. In this post, I will tell you about some of my life stories. Mainly, it will cover my teen ages. When you are a teenager, your future life seems to be supremely great for you. Further, when you become a mature person, you start realizing that the world is not as wonderful as you expected it to be. This happens with almost everyone. Of course, teen ages are always fulfilled with high levels of stress, frustrations, and other negative feelings. At the same time, those positive emotions we had during our teen ages cannot be compared with the emotions we have when we become adults. I have a lot of good reminiscences regarding my teen ages. First girlfriend, first hug, first kiss, first sex feel so awesome. Everything we do for the first time always feels astounding. Today, sex does not give me any pleasure. I am overloaded with gigantic ambitions that do not let me feel happy. I remember those cold winter days when I was dating my first girlfriend. Although it was too cold, I was tremendously happy to have her in my arms, hug, and kiss her. These things used to give me fantastic feelings. Nowadays, those romantic things mean nothing to me. I want too much to be happy. I used to be a less materialistic person during my teen ages. I always had the same ambitions I have now. Whether I was a 14 years old teenager or a 22 years young man, I always want to be an extraordinary person. Today, I am much older than those years; however, I still have the same ambitions and objectives. 

When I was a teenager, dating girls was the most favorite thing I had in my life. I loved girls more than I loved money. In fact, when I was a teenager, money meant nothing to me. I was not chasing huge cash as I do now. I used to love girls the most. Every single sweet word, hugs, and kisses used to make me superbly happy. Today, I am already fed up with those romantic things. Becoming older does not make us happier. In fact, a year after year, we become sadder. We become more materialistic. Nothing but money makes us happy. This is what exactly happening in my life. I have dozens of women ready to become my wives. But the problem is that I do not need that at all. I stopped appreciating simple human relations. My EGO became my God.


Sometimes, I remember those happy days when I used to spend all my time walking around with my girlfriends. I used to spend hours of my daily time speaking with them by phone. I used to write beautiful romantic verses. My personality did not change anyhow. I am not less romantic and tender than I was at the ages of 14 to 16. I am still a very sentimental and romantic person. What is more, today, I am more professional at giving beautiful and seductive compliments. I can write heartbreaking verses that have captivated the hearts of numerous women. I can do all these things. Nonetheless, my life priorities have seriously changed. Fortune and fame became my main objectives.

When I was a teenager, I used to have gorgeous girlfriends. All of them were from 16 to 18 years old. I still remember those beautiful and sweet cherries. Today, when I am a mature man, a 16 years old girl will afraid of dating me. Mature women are not as juicy as teenagers. Oh, I miss those young ages when I was 15 years old. I had so many girlfriends at that time. Those days, simple kisses and hugs were absolutely sufficient for me. The level of testosterone in my blood was not as high as it is now. At the age of 15, I made sex first at the same time. I think it is not appropriate for a man to use the ‘I lost virginity’ definition. This saying is more appropriate for girls since they lose something while making sex for the first time. Thus, my first sex experience happened at the age of 15. Even though I was a teenager, I was enough sexually experienced. I always looked older than I was in fact. I used this advantage to date elder girls. At the age of 16, I was dating girls who were 21 – 25 years old. Of course, I was lying about my real age. I dated those girls to make sex with them. Girls of my age were afraid of sex. Therefore, I was always interested in elder girls. Sometimes, I had 16 years old girlfriends who were ready for sex. Sometimes, they were at the age of 17. In the country where I was living, making sex with a person who is already 16 years old is absolutely legal. In most countries, it is forbidden to make sex with a person who is not 16 years old. Thus, when your girlfriend is already 16, you can bravely start your sexual relations. This is what I was exactly doing. When I had a chance to have a girl in my bed, I used to do everything in order to do it. During my teen ages, I was extremely obsessed with sex. I could not live without it. All my thoughts and fantasies were preoccupied with sex. In fact, teenagers are always more sexually active than mature people. Teenagers have more free time. They have no obligations. They are fewer ambitions. Usually, teenagers do not chase wealth or fame. Teenagers have no children to take care of. All of these factors make teenagers very over exceedingly active in the field of sex. Thus, I was one of those hypersexual teenagers. When I had a chance to make sex with my girlfriends, I was never losing it. Most of my classmates were virgins while I was already making sex with dozens of different girls and women. Making sex felt so unusual for me when I was a teenager.


Actually, my teenage sex life was better than it is now. Growing up does not make us happier. Oppositely, year by year, we become sadder. Day by day, our obligations and problems increase. We have no time and opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures of our life. Today, I can only have some good reminiscences about my teenage sex life. I am not able to turn back the time. If I could return to my past, I would definitely do that. I would enjoy those juice and fresh girlfriends I used to have. Mature life is truly boring. To keep living, you need to accept this boredom have in your life. Anyway, I am still happy to have some pleasurable life moments to remind myself about.

Written by Bahtiyar
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