friendsWhen somebody asks me about the number of friends I have, I usually answer that I have absolutely no friends. This is absolutely true. What is more, I never feel shy or weird because of having no friends. Also, I am very well conscious of the reasons why I have no friends. I feel absolutely normal by having no friends. Currently, I do not need any friends due to some significant reasons. Actually, I plan to write an individual article describing the reasons why I have no friends. When I analyze my whole life, I realize that I had only a few real friends. The majority of people who claimed to be my friends were my mere fellows. I can claim that I know the exact definition of ‘friends’ very well. Therefore, I never confuse real friends with someone who solely wants to have some fun in your company.

The majority of people in the world do not understand the main differences between real friends and fellows. For this reasons, everyone is sure to have hundreds or even thousands of friends. If you ask someone about the number of friends he or she has, this person will self-assuredly tell you some numbers between 10 to 100. I can assure you that it is absolutely impossible to have such a big amount of friends. A wise person is always a good psychologist. Perspicacious individuals are very good at analyzing people’s real intentions. These smart people cannot be fooled by beautiful compliments and flattering. Usually, it is very difficult to befriend such a clever person. This type of people understands people very well. Their wisdom is like a good X-ray that scans people souls. For sure, I belong to this group of individuals. I am a very god psychologist. I am not a certified psychologist. Nonetheless, I have some born instincts and talents that let me scan people like a powerful x-ray. Today, I decided to share some of my experience and knowledge with you. Below, you will see how I describe real friends. Read this article very carefully. This knowledge will let you avoid fooling yourself by those imagined numbers of friends you claim to have.


friends indeedIf you are a rich, successful, and prosperous person, it is very likely that you will have crowds of people around yourself. These people will stick to you since they love your wealth, fame, and popularity. The majority of them want something from you. Some of them want your wealth. Others want to share your fame. The biggest part of these people includes your enviers. They will become extremely happy if you lose everything you have. For all of the above-mentioned reasons, it will be incorrect to call these ambitious people ‘your real soul mates’. They are not your real soul mates. They simply want to get something from you. In other words, they might be using you for their personal objectives.

Real soul mates are those people, who will not forget about you when you are in need. Even if you are a financially independent person, you might have some situations when you will need someone to assist you. Here is an example from my personal life. I was abroad when my bank stopped working for several days. I was out of my money. My bank was closed and I needed money. There were no relatives and parents to give me some. Who could help me in that situation? Of course, only real friends would not forget about me when I was put in that complicated situation. This was an example from my life. Real friends never forget about you when you have some problems.

Before thinking that a person is your intimate, you will need to analyze this person’s attitude and behavior when you are in need. Being in need does not necessarily mean to have some problems. If want to identify a person’s sincerity towards you, look at this behavior when you ask him for help. If your companions forget about you when you are in need, this means they are not your real soul mates.


If you are prosperous and people know about your successful financial status, it is very likely that you will have thousands of candidates you will strive to become your friends. All of them want to share your wealth, fame, and popularity. All of them want to enjoy fruits of your hard work. Would you like to befriend Bill Gates? I bet you want. You want it because he is the world’s richest person. Becoming his soul mate will let you achieve most of your personal ambitions. People may have the same objectives when you are already rich.

Real friends are not financially motivated to become your soul mates. I find that my real friends knew nothing about my financial status. Also, they knew nothing about the level of my education. My real friend simply liked me. They liked my humanity, personality, appearance, and behavior. Thus, they had no financial objectives in our friendship. If you think that gold-diggers are only cunning women, you are not right. There are a lot of gold-diggers among men. Of course, these men will never beg for your money. However, they will never lose their chance to roll with you for your money. Usually, I easily identify these people. When my analysis is complete, I get rid of them as soon as possible.


I find that emotional people are always better in friendship. In fact, a person without any emotions is a simple robot. I have met thousand of such cold robots in my life. Cold people are not naturally emotional. At the same time, you will find that smart people are less inclined to emotionalizing. Usually, a person with good intellectual talents has less emotional capabilities. In other words, people with high IQ (Intelligent Quotient) have a very low EQ (Emotional Quotient). Those, who think and analyze very well, show very bad results when it comes to emotionalizing and feeling. Smarter people usually have a very poor emotional life. What is more, I recognized that smart people tend to be more selfish than people with average intellectuals abilities. Thus, if you are looking for real friends, you will need to look for more emotional people. Emotional people are always better mates. At the same time, people with high IQ are less prone to real friendship.


I have mentioned that too ambitious and materialistic people are psychologically incapable of being good soul mates. For these people, friendship does not matter much. As long as they reach their personal ambitions, they will remain to be happy. Usually, a person becomes ambitions due to a huge level of his EGO. Having a big EGO and big ambitions makes a person selfish. Selfish people are not good friends. This type of people can be your friends until you give them what they want.

I find that real friends are not materialistic people. Usually, these people have no big ambitions. They are not selfish. Helping and assisting other people are their main life priorities.


I bet all of you will agree with my opinion. You will definitely find out that your parents are your most devoted and honest friends. They do not demand anything from you. Your happiness and satisfaction are their main life priorities.

There are many other qualities of real friends. I always try to explain the most important points of every blog topic. I hope that the above-given information will make you a more perspicacious person. If you had carefully read this blog post, you will be able to easily identify real friends among those huge crowds of cunning people who surround you.              

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.