ideas for blog postsBefore I started blogging, I was considering about numerous issues. What concerned me much is my future content. I was not absolutely confident that I will have enough ideas and materials to publish on my blog. Nowadays, I see that my mind has more ideas than I am able to publish. My notebook is full of different blog post ideas that I have not written yet. Thus, I do not worry about generating new ideas for my blog posts. However, I am aware of the fact that sometimes you may be stuck in the situation when you have nothing to write about. Every blogger has come to the point when he has nothing to tell about. I’ve been there, done it, and therefore, I know how to survive in this situation. 

When a blogger feels that his mind is absolutely empty, he starts thinking that his new blogging career is over. These thoughts come to new bloggers. I was always wondering how bloggers can write for so many years without giving up. This question did not let me rest until I started blogging myself. Today, you may feel that your mind is absolutely empty and you have nothing to write about. Tomorrow, you may find out thousands new ideas for your future articles. Patience is the most important quality in this situation. It is necessary not to give up when you feel like you have nothing to share with your readers. This condition is temporary. I know some bloggers who have been blogging for a decade. There are some profitable blogs which age is between 5 to 8 years. This means that these bloggers always have something to write about. If you are exhausted, have a rest. After a few days, you will see that you are already inspired to continue your blogging career. 

In this article, I am going to show how to generate new ideas for your blog posts. No doubts, blogging is the most sophisticated online activity that exists on the Internet. You always need to publish new materials on your blog if you want to succeed in this industry. Blogging is time-consuming and it requires your full dedication. If you have already started blogging, you must be aware of all the disadvantages blogging has. 

Writing is the main part of blogging, and consequently, you need to have good ideas in order to create new content for your website. Writing is very simple, whilst good ideas are more valuable than money. Read this article and you will learn how to generate new ideas for your blog posts. 


Ants work without having any rest. Ants are the most hardworking insects that exist in this world. You are a human being and your energy resources are limited. Do not strive to work like an ant, because you will easily exhaust and tire your soul. It is necessary to dedicate a particular amount of your daily time to blogging. If you are a full-time blogger, you may write 7 or 8 hours a day. There are some professional bloggers who write 12 hours a day. If you can do that, you should do that. However, be careful not to bore your mind. Remember that health is the most precious thing in your life. 


When you love the niche of your blog, you will always have something to write about. Why do I think so? Usually, if a person is interested in a particular theme, he will always follow the news regarding that topic. Thus, this person will always have new knowledge and information about his interests. Consequently, a passionate blogger will always have something to share with his readers. Do not write about the things that seem to be boring for you. If you are not interested in a topic, you won’t be able to write about it for a long time. My passions are travel, sex, and online business. I read different blogs, magazines, newspapers, and other informative resources that cover my interests. Hence, I am always aware of the innovations and news in the fields of my interests. Thus, I always have something to share with my readers. For example, I hate math. At school, I could not succeed in math because I hated it. This science still seems to be very boring for me. So can you imagine me blogging about math? Could I become a successful math blogger if I hate math? No, never. 

Write about your passion and new ideas will be always present in your mind.


You can never teach someone if you know nothing. Knowledge is infinite. For that, you need to spend some time learning new things. Blogging is not a mere process of writing. Learning is essential if you want to become a professional blogger. Use all sources of knowledge and information. Read different blogs, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, and all other informative resources. Enlarge your knowledge as much as you can. Only a knowledgeable person can be interesting for readers. Speak with professionals in your industry. Ask for their recommendations and advises. 

Enlarge your knowledge, and you will find out loads of new ideas for your blog posts. 


You will find that many bloggers recommend Quora if you want new ideas. First of all, I do not use this method to generate new ideas for my website. In the beginning of this project, I was visiting Quora to find some questions that I can give my answers to. Thus, I had ready ideas for my blog. I only needed to answer those questions on my blog. Nowadays, I do not need to do that because I have tons of new information in my mind, and Quora is not necessary for me anymore. However, if you cannot find anything to write about, visit Quora, search for different questions and look whether you can answer them or not. If you can, start answering them on your blog. Thus, you will resolve your problem. 

Quora is a great knowledge base. I love this web resource very much. Read different topics on Quora, think about different opinions given in the answers. After some time, you will recognize that your knowledge has seriously increased, and you will be able to share it with your readers on your blog. 


If you have some free time, you should spend it more professionally. While going to a supermarket, think about new ideas and posts to publish on your blog. If you have some free time, spend it considering about new articles. Instead of reminding yourself of the people whom you hate, think about your blogging business. 

Think more and think professionally!


New ideas come when you do not expect them. They may come at night, in the morning, or anytime you do not wait for them. For that reason, I recommend you to keep a notebook and a pen in your pocket. Be ready to record your new ideas. If you do not do that, you may forget about them. I use this method myself, and therefore, I know how effective it may be.

Generating new ideas for your blog posts might be difficult in the beginning. When a blogger obtains more experience and professionalism, he will forget to worry about new ideas for his blog posts. I was facing the same problem when I began blogging. Nowadays, I have so many thoughts and ideas in my mind that I cannot find some free time to publish all of them. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.