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amazon productsGetting a lot of Amazon products for free would be an ideal option for starting a product review blog. Whilst it is financially difficult to get loads of Amazon products for your review blog, being able to get them for absolutely free will let you build and amazing product review blog. Of course, Amazon is not a single online store which product reviews you can review. At the same time, Amazon is still the world’s most popular online store. Therefore, focusing your efforts on reviewing Amazon products will be a perfect decision for an overall success of your blogging business.

Currently, I am not reviewing any of Amazon products. Nonetheless, I buy a lot of different Amazon items every month. Both Amazon and eBay have unique advantages. For example, you will find that the majority of eBay products ship internationally. On the other hand, Amazon products are mainly shipped within the USA. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find thousands of awesome Amazon products that ship internationally. The main advantage of Amazon is that it provides its customers with an incredible products review system. You will not find this helpful feature on eBay. Before I buy something Amazon, I usually carefully read all the positive and negative reviews about the product, and then, I make a decision to buy or decline it. Amazon gives you an incredible opportunity to find out what customers think about particular Amazon products. I find this feature to be very helpful since it let you avoid a lot of shopping mistakes.

Getting hundreds of Amazon products for free is a dream of millions of people around the world. Nonetheless, only a small number of people have this opportunity. Nothing in this world comes without some hard work. Therefore, you will need to work a little bit in order to start getting Amazon products for free. In this blog post, I will describe you two options you may use in order to get Amazon products for free. I want to mention that both of them will be connected with reviews.


As I have mentioned before, Amazon has an incredible products review system. This system helps buyers learn about the quality of a product before they buy it. Bad products usually get very bad reviews. In the result, people stop buying them. On the opposite side, good products get very positive reviews. On Amazon, you can always find out what people think about particular Amazon products. If a product has some negative sides, Amazon buyers will definitely mention them in their reviews. Good reviews encourage people to make more confident purchases.

What is more, Amazon has built an amazing statistic for reviewers. Every Amazon reviewer has a particular rating. This rating may improve or decrease due to a reviewer’s review activity. If an Amazon reviewer actively reviews different products, his reviewer rating will increase. If a buyer has an inactive review activity, his reviewer rating will decrease. Amazon review system resembles Quora’s writers’ ratings. Everything on these two online giants is the same. If you post many detailed answers on Quora, you will get more views, and consequently, your rating will rise up. You will see the same thing on Amazon. If you start posting a lot of detailed and honest Amazon products reviews, your rating will seriously improve. Amazon updates its list of top 100 reviewers very often. Best reviewers are always recognized by Amazon sellers. Usually, Amazon’s top reviewers are offered different Amazon products for free if they agree to write a detailed review. The majority of these top reviewers fed up of receiving email offers from Amazon sellers. I can assure you that Amazon’s top 100 reviewers get hundreds of Amazon products for free every month. When they test their products, they will write good reviews praising or criticizing those products.

To make good sales on Amazon, it is always necessary to get as many positive product reviews as possible. Therefore, Amazon sellers do everything in order to get their products reviewed. They are even ready to give their products for absolutely free if they are going to be reviewed. Consequently, top Amazon products reviewers have a lucky opportunity to get hundreds of Amazon products for absolutely free.

If you are interested in getting Amazon products for free, becoming one of the Amazon’s top reviewers will be a great option for you. Of course, you will need to have enough money in order to make a lot of purchases on Amazon. In the beginning, you may start buying and reviewing very cheap Amazon products. Their prices may vary from 1$ to 5$. This will let you review as many products as possible. Further, when you build a good Amazon reviewer rating, you will start receiving a lot of offers from Amazon sellers to get their products reviewed. To achieve, this level, you will need to go through a hard work. Here are some of the most effective tips to build a good Amazon products reviewer rating.


Getting a high Amazon reviewer rating in a category of books will not let you get laptops, beauty equipment, and clothes for free. If you get a high rating in a category of books, you will be offered to review some books for free. Having a great Amazon reviewer rating in a category of jewelry will not let you get shoes, perfumes, and gadgets for free. If you have built a high Amazon reviewer rating In a category of jewelry, only jewelry sellers will contact you. Therefore, buy and review only those products you are interested in getting for free.


Being a good reviewer is a profession. Therefore, you will need to treat this activity very seriously. Prepare yourself to spend hours of your daily time reviewing different products. Also, keep in mind that loads Amazon buyers will pay attention to your reviews. If your reviews are too short and they do not provide people with enough information about a product, you will not get a high Amazon products reviewer rating. What is more, it is very important to write honest reviews. If you dislike a product, you will need to describe all the factors that built that negative opinion regarding your purchase.

These are some of the rules you will need to follow with the intention of building a good Amazon reviewer rating. When your rating is already done, you will start receiving lots of offers to review different products for free. Thus, you will get a lot of Amazon products for free.


There are thousands of reviewers on Amazon. Therefore, you will always have a very high competition among professional reviewers. It is not going to be an easy work to build a good Amazon reviewer rating. Therefore, I am glad to suggest you another option. If you do not want to compete with other Amazon reviewers, you may start reviewing Amazon products on your blog. Reviewing Amazon products on your blog has several advantages. On your blog, you will have all the necessary tools to make your review as beautiful as you want. On Amazon, your technical abilities might be restricted to some extent. Moreover, Amazon team may delete your review if they wish. If your reviews are deleted, you will never be explained about the reasons that made Amazon team to remove your review. Just imagine yourself spending a lot of time writing a detailed review, and then, you will discover that your review is removed. I have been to this situation. You will get very frustrated if your reviews are deleted. For this reason, I find a personal blog to be an ideal area for reviewing Amazon products.

At the same time, this option will be appropriate if your blog is already popular. If nobody visits your blog, Amazon sellers will have no motivation to supply you with free products for reviews. As you know, all Amazon sellers treat positive reviews as a way to indirectly promote and advertise their products. Therefore, they will always search for popular web resources. If your blog’s web traffic is very small, you will need to forget about this option. Before you start reviewing Amazon products on your blog, you will need to make your blog popular. As you know, it is going to be a very hard task. You will need to work very hard for several months. When your blog gets a lot of web traffic, Amazon sellers will be interested in getting their products reviewed on your blog. You will start receiving loads of offers from Amazon sellers. The majority of them will be ready to provide you with free products for good reviews. Thus, you will get tons of Amazon products for absolutely free.

These are the best ways to get Amazon products for free. Both of these options are equally good. At the same time, reviewing Amazon products on a personal blog will not be always appropriate. Nonetheless, if a blog gets big volumes of web traffic, it could be a good way to start getting and reviewing Amazon products on that blog. I would like to say that it is always better to use both options. Start reviewing Amazon products on Amazon and on your personal blog. Using these both instruments will increase your chances to get Amazon products for free.

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