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plugins and softwareThe online sphere is very complicated. It resembles Swiss watches. A Swiss watch consists of hundreds or even thousands of different elements and mechanisms. Swiss watches are usually complicated with some rare and exclusive parts. This makes these matches so valuable. When I look at the Internet, I start realizing that the Web resembles Swiss watches. When you start doing something on the Internet, you will be definitely involved in other activities that you never planned to deal with. I started blogging, and I was solely planning to write and publish my articles on my blog. These were my expectations. Further, I learned that blogging consists of many other sophisticated elements. Some of them are SEO, proofreading, web design, photo and video editing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, branding, guest posting, and, many other things I was never acquainted before. This is one of the examples I am giving with the regard to blogging. All types of online movements and business are like Swiss watches. When you open them up, you will find out that they are very complicated. All online activities are like professions. To become good at a profession, you always need to become a good specialist. A good specialist is not good enough without the necessary tools and instruments that will let him perform his work ideally. Being an online entrepreneur is also a profession. It might be not good established, however, it is still a profession. What is more, online entrepreneurship becomes more popular day by day. If you are an online entrepreneur, you will also need to have professional tools and instruments that will let you succeed in your field. As you have already understood, these tools are specialized plugins and software.

Whether you are a blogger, a web designer, a programmer, a Photoshop specialist, an online trader, you will always need to have some good plugins and software that will simplify your daily business. Usually, bloggers deal too much with different plugins and software. A few days ago, some of my WordPress plugins’ license expired. Thus, the plugin was not functioning. For this reasons, I spent a whole day to find good alternatives to that plugin. Finally, I could not discover anything that could replace that awesome plugin. Therefore, I decided to purchase a yearly license that cost me more than 100 $. What I realized is that professional plugins and software significantly simplify our daily online activity. Without them, we could not be as successful as we are now. I realized how important can a single plugin be. My work was frozen for a whole day due to that plugin.

A scientist is impotent without books. A driver is nobody without a vehicle. A programmer is incapable without a computer. A singer is not enough strong without a good microphone. Thus, every professional needs to have specific tools. If you are involved in the online business or you merely like exploring new technologies, you will definitely need to have some specialized plugins and software. Previously, I have written a long article describing all the plugins I use on my blog. As I remember, their number was more than 30. My blog could not ideally function without the necessary plugins I have installed on my WP. Hence, plugins and software are essential tools of every online entrepreneur.

There are two types of plugins and software. The first group of plugins and software are absolutely free. This means that absolutely everyone can download and use them for free. The second group of plugins and software are premium. This means that you will need to purchase a license in order to use those tools. Free plugins and software are not necessarily bad. Most of the plugins I use on my blog are free. At the same time, they function without any bugs. I am fully satisfied by their functionality. Even though there is a large stock of free plugins and software, sometimes, you may be put in a situation when you will need to purchase premium plugins and software. If a free plugin is not giving you what you really need, you will start looking for some premium plugins. Usually, paid plugins are always better in quality than free plugins and software. This might be one of the reasons why you will want to get premium plugins and software. Everything is totally good if you have enough money to spend purchasing premium tools. If you don’t have the money, you will have to bear your free plugins and software that cause those terrible bugs. I think that almost every online entrepreneur had been in this situation. You want to buy premium plugins and software, but at the same time, you have no enough money to purchase them. If you are well–acquainted with this occasion, this blog post will let you forget about these terrible feelings. Today, I will suggest you two effective tips to get premium plugins and software for absolutely free.


Being an affiliate marketer has serious benefits. Of course, not all affiliate marketers are enough successful. If your web resource is not popular, it is very likely that you have no success in affiliate marketing. However, if your blog gets enough web traffic, you can effectively use this advantage in order to make a lot of money by the assistance of affiliate marketing. As I have previously said, affiliate marketing is as easy as people assume it to be. The popularity of your website is the most important factor that is responsible for the success of your affiliate promotions.

There are thousands of developers, programmers, and online entrepreneurs that sell their own plugins and software. Who is the richest person in the world? In fact, the richest person in the world is a successful developer, programmer, and inventor. This is why lots of people want to follow Bill Gates’ path. The best way to become rich is to invent and sell something. This is why new technologies are so popular nowadays. People want to invent something truly useful, and then, make a huge cash. This is a dream of almost everyone.

Most of the above-mentioned developers and programmers are interested in selling as many of their products as possible. They also realize that it is absolutely impossible to generate good conversions without advertisements and promotions. Popular blogs are the most effective places to promote and advertise different items. If a blogger has a respectable authority, people will definitely listen to his recommendations. This means that this blogger can make good sales through his blog. Therefore, most of the developers will be ready to give their software for absolutely free in order to get it reviewed and promoted.

If you are a successful and popular blogger, you can also become a successful affiliate marketer. This is one of the ways that will let you get dozens or maybe hundreds of premium plugins and software for absolutely free. I have already received several requests to review different online tools on my blog. To be honest, I rejected all of them. I am too much preoccupied with my blog’s content now. For this reason, I am physically incapable of reviewing various plugins and software on my blog. Nonetheless, I am already planning to start a review section on my web resource.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages. One of the best privileges of affiliate marketing was described in the previous paragraph. If you want to get premium plugins and software for free, becoming a successful affiliate marketer might be one of the best solutions for you.


There are a lot of popular online freelance services. Some of them are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. To be clear, Fiverr is the only freelance service I use for all of my needs. I have reviewed Upwork and Freelance. I can say that their user interfaces are not enough comfortable for me. Fiverr is the most convenient service to hire professionals of all specialties. I really love Fiverr. All my orders go very smoothly there. When I cannot find something on the Web, I start browsing Fiverr. Usually, I place my request there, and the, get dozens of offers. I choose the most appropriate for me and start to order them. What I want to say is that Fiverr is visited by different professionals. On Fiverr, you can find programmers, developers, WordPress specialists, web designers, producers, singers, models, designers, manufacturers, journalists, editors, writers, bloggers, and many other freelancers. Thus, Fiverr people may have what you need.

As you know, there are always nulled versions of diverse plugins and software on the Web. Software with a nulled license is always free. Usually, a nulled plugin is a plugin with an open source. In fact, the meaning if ‘nulled’ is not much important. The most important part is that you can always find a premium plugin for free. Fiverr is the best place to do it. Just request the necessary plugin, and contact the sellers who offer it. You can buy it by as little as 5 $, or you can make an exchange there.  Let me tell you how I did it. A few months ago, I needed a plugin. I could not find it on the Web. Then, I decided to post my request on Fiverr. I found some people who had it. I contacted one of them and offered some plugins that I had in exchange to the plugin I needed. The person agreed, and our exchange was successfully carried out. Thus, I got my plugin for absolutely free.

You can use Fiverr for the same purposes. Fiverr is good for hiring qualified professionals. Also, it is the best place to find rare plugins and software. In most cases, you will have to pay for them. Sometimes, when you have something truly desirable, you will be able to make an exchange. In this case, you will get what you want for absolutely free.

These are the best options you can sue in order to get premium plugins and software for free. Of course, it is not easy to become an affiliate marketer. However, keep in mind that opportunity. If you are already a blogger, becoming an affiliate marketer won’t be difficult for you. The second option is more affordable. Fiverr is open for absolutely everyone.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.