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organic trafficOrganic traffic is a web traffic that comes from search engines. Organic traffic is always free. Otherwise, we would call it as ‘paid traffic’. When it comes to the monetization of an online project, the quality and quantity of web traffic is the most important thing online entrepreneurs must consider. Even if a website or a blog is filled with tons of high-quality content, it will be impossible to monetize that web resource without huge volumes of web traffic. More web traffic your website has, more financial opportunities you will have. There are loads of rich advertisers ready to pay for an effective promotion of their products. The Internet gives you truly unlimited chances to get rich. Your creativity, imagination, and hard work are the only things you will have to use in order to make tons of money online.

When we speak about web traffic, we should keep in mind that there are loads of different sources of web traffic. Some of them are social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, StubmbleUpon, and others. Promoting your website on social networks is called SMM (Social Media Marketing). Sometimes, when you have enough money to invest into your online project, you may advertise your website on popular web resources. This is another way to drive some web traffic to your website. If you have no money to invest, you will have only two options. They are SEO and SMM. Today, I will talk about organic traffic. To be more concrete, I will give you some effective tips how to get tons of organic traffic to your web resource.


First of all, let me clarify one thing. The quantity of content on your blog or website has is not the necessary element to drive huge volumes of web traffic. I know a lot of blogs that have near to 150 articles, but at the same time, these blogs get tons of organic traffic every day. Of course, these popular blogs are old enough and very authoritative. All the popular blogs that receive huge volumes of organic traffic have good SEO.

The quality of your content is the first thing you must emphasize your attention at. Do not think about the quantity of content on your blog. The quality is the most important word in SEO. Whether we are talking about content or backlinks, only high-quality might give you some positive results in SEO. Thousands of low-quality backlinks will not benefit your rankings. In some case, they may harm your overall SEO score. We see the same situation when we talk about content. Only high-quality content may benefit your web resource to some extent. Thus, if you have assumed that you need to have tons of content in order to get good volumes of organic traffic, you should forget about this unproven idea. In my further articles, I will prove how a blog with a few articles is capable of getting tons of organic web traffic.


High-quality content has some specific features. First of all, high-quality content is an absolutely unique and original content. This content is not stolen from other blogs. This content was not made by the help of article spinners and rewriters. Originality and uniqueness of content are first signs of its high-quality. Secondly, high-quality content is a valuable content that resolves problems of your readers. There is a lot of garbage on the Web. Millions of people launch blogs today. Most of them write about nothing. At the same time, all of them expect to get millions of visitors on their silly blogs. Thus, the second feature and characteristic of high-quality content are its practicality and actuality. When I look at the most viewed articles on my blog, I see that all of them resolve problems of the people. None of them are dedicated to entertainment or other unserious things.

Of course, it is not easy to produce high-quality content. You need to work very hard in order to write and publish a few truly good blog posts. Anyway, if you decided to make money blogging, you should accept all the difficulties of this online business. Concentrate your attention on the quality of your content. Forget about its amount.


If you wish to drive tons of organic traffic on your blog, I hope you are familiar with SEO to some extent. Otherwise, before reading this article, you’d better read a couple of books dedicated to SEO. I will not explain what does ‘a keyword’ mean. If you do not know its definition, you should give up reading this blog post and learn more about SEO. Finally, if you want to get huge volumes of organic traffic, your website must have good ranks on SERPs. It is always better to be on Google’s first page. As you know, your website will appear on SERPs when a person types a particular keyword in the search box. The most powerful websites will get the best positions on Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and other search engines. If a word is a very competitive, a new website has no chances to be even recognized in SERPs. Such popular keywords as ‘Amazon’, ‘PayPal’, ‘make money online’, ‘online business’, and others are already taken by the biggest Internet giants. Therefore, in the beginning, it will be more appropriate to choose low competitive keywords. For example, my website is on the 5th place when you type ‘professional seducer’ in Google. When you type ‘seducer’, you will see that my blog appears at the 136th position in Google. This proves that long tail keywords are more effective for new web resources.

On the other hand, low competitive keywords won’t bring you a lot of organic traffic. Since people are less interested in those search queries, you will not get tons of organic traffic if you win some low competitive keywords. Anyway, for a new website, it is good to get some good positions on SERPs. All at once, if you have a lot of good positions by low competitive keywords, your website will get good volumes of organic traffic.


There are a lot of online services that let you determine the popularity of a particular keyword. One of them is Google Trends. By suing it, you can identify the exact popularity of a particular keyword. If your web resource gets a good SERP position by one of the popular keywords, you will guarantee your website tons of organic traffic. In this case, the quantity of content on your website does not play any role. There are millions of online entrepreneurs, rich corporations, and small businesses that do everything in order to optimize their websites for popular keywords. Therefore, it will be tremendously difficult to win some well-liked keywords. If you aim to drive tons of organic traffic to your website, you should know that this is a very hard work. You will have millions of webmasters that will compete with  you. Most of them spend thousands of dollars on SEO services. Their websites have thousands or even millions of high-quality backlinks. For that reason, prepare yourself for a very severe battle.

To be honest, I have never used any of the popular keyword researching tools. Blogging is very difficult itself. You need to spend several hours in writing a great article. Consequently, I have no free time to look up popular keywords, and then, adjust my writing to them. On the opposite side, I think that it is not a good idea to write a blog post because of a keyword. We should always write about the things that preoccupy our minds and thoughts. However, if your objective is to drive big volumes of organic traffic, you can definitely use some of the best keyword researching tools.


It is absolutely clear that the quality and quantity of organic traffic directly depends on the quality of SEO. If a website has a strong SEO, big volumes of organic traffic are guaranteed. SEO is a big science that consists of diverse elements. Search engines use hundreds and even thousands of different ranking algorithms. A professional webmaster must be an SEO specialist. A successful blogger is always good at SEO. There is no way to make a blog popular without enhancing SEO.

Organic traffic and SEO are synonyms. A good SEO will bring more organic traffic to your website. This is one of the most important rules in online business. Do everything to improve SEO of your web resource, and you will get as much organic traffic as you need to monetize your website.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.