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japanese womenJapanese women are famous in the USA by porn videos. Japanese porn is extremely popular in the USA, the European Union, Great Britain, and other western countries. Actually, Japanese porn is popular everywhere. So if you expect your Japanese women to be exactly as they are in porn films and TV, you will be pleased to hear that you are right. Japanese girls look just the same as they look on TV. To describe Japanese women in a word, I would say – CUTE. Yes, Japanese women are really cute. They are not hot, passionate, and sexy as Latin girls. Usually, Asian girls tend to be less sexually aggressive than Latin ladies. So if you want a cute, tender, and a baby-like woman, you will find these features in Japanese women.

I have been living among Asian women for a long time. To be honest, I am already tired of them. They are very passive and awkward. They are not assertive. What is more, they afraid of brutal and masculine men like me. Latin girls suit me more than anyone else in this world. However, if you like cute, humble, and tame girls, I would like to recommend you dating some Japanese girls. Japanese girls resemble Korean women to some extent. At the same time, there are some slight differences between these two nations. If you want to successfully date Japanese women, this blog post will provide you with everything necessary to make your seduction more successful and effective. Japanese girls are not as easy as other Asian women; therefore, you will need to be packed with some special knowledge in order to conquer them. Before you start seducing them, get to know them a little bit better.


Japanese women are well-known for their caring and attentive character. These features make Japanese girls ideal wives and perfect mothers. Japanese ladies cook for their husbands. They clean and wash their men’s clothes. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a better mother for your children than a Japanese girl. If you look for some serious relationship, you will never lose by marrying a cute Japanese woman. These ladies are very humble and tame. They are adaptive and flexible. In a difficult situation, you will find your Japanese girl to be very patient and sober. Japanese girls are suitable to become good wives and caring mothers.


Japan is the richest and the most developed country in Asia. People in Japan are usually rich. At least, they are not poor. Japanese people have everything necessary to have an enjoyable life. This is why Japanese women are not looking for someone to make them rich. Japanese girls have everything necessary, and even more. Whilst you may meet millions of Filipinas who are looking for a rich Western man, Japanese have no financial motivation in dating rich men. They never suffered from poverty. They do not even know what poverty means.

If a Japanese woman decided to have some serious relationship with you, you may be absolutely sure that she likes you. She has no commercial intentions behind her actions. Japanese women are very sincere. This quality differs them from other financially avid Asian ladies.


Some people may assure you that Japanese girls are not nationalistic. Believe me, Japan is one of the nationalistic countries in the world. Japanese people may not openly show you their nationalistic inclinations. This is why you should never judge a book by its cover. Japanese people are very delicate individuals. They are professional at hiding their real emotions and intentions. The Eastern culture is very complicated. For western people, it will be very difficult to fully understand Japanese people. I will be absolutely correct if I say that Japanese girls prefer dating Japanese men.

On the other hand, you will find loads of Japanese women who are very open-minded. They love foreigners. With this type of Japanese girls, you will definitely succeed.


This is a well-known fact about Japanese women. Although these women might seem to be very horny and lusty in porn films, their real temperament is absolutely different from what you see on your screen. In Japan, at least 65% of married couples have no sex. In other words, their relations are absolutely sexless. According to recent scientific reports, Japanese couples have the least amount of sexual intercourses in the world. This might be due to a Japanese climate. Also, there might be some genetic predetermination that causes this effect.

If you want to get laid with Japanese girls simply to taste them in bed, there might be no problems. However, if you plan to marry a Japanese girl, you will need to seriously considerate about your decision. Actually, men with high libido should not marry Japanese women. If this happens, there will be a lot of disagreements within a couple. Japanese people are too hardworking. They might have no free time to think and dream about sex.


Japanese women are not religious. There are no ridiculous prejudices and misconceptions that might stop them from being open-minded and liberal. Therefore, it will be easy to get laid with some Japanese girls. At the same time, Japanese women have a specific mentality that does not resemble any other Asian women. You will need to be meticulously attentive and delicate with Japanese girls. They are very tender and sensitive. Be aware of frankly sexy jokes and hints. A Japanese woman may get insulted if you are not careful enough with her. Finally, Japanese girls can be good wives and mothers. Even though these women have low libidos, you will be able to easily cure it. Frequently remind her of sex, stimulate her body, tell her something sexy, and your Japanese girls will be turned on 24/7.

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