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google algorithmsAll bloggers are concerned about the amount and quality of web traffic they receive. There are loads of different ways to drive web traffic to a website. Some of them are social media marketing, paid promotions and advertising, guest posting, and of course, SEO. SEO has a significant importance when it comes to web traffic. Most of the famous blogs receive huge amounts of web traffic with the help of SEO.

To be honest with you, SEO is a real science. Bloggers who want to succeed in blogging have to be familiar with SEO. It is necessary to use all the available means in order to drive traffic, however, SEO has a foremost significance. To improve SEO of a website, people hire SEO specialists or exclusive companies specialized in SEO. To some extent, a person can individually enhance some SEO details of a website. In most cases, work of SEO specialists is crucial.

While optimizing a website for search engines, Google is our first target. Let me explain you why we concentrate most of our efforts on Google. First of all, Google is the most powerful search engine that exists in the world. Google is an unbeaten worldwide champion among all the search engines that exist on the Internet. Secondly, Google is the most used and popular search engine in the world. Most of the Internet users use Google to find their desired information. For these reasons, Google is the most important search engine we must optimize our websites for. Google uses more than 200 algorithms in their ranking system. Thus, more than 200 factors make a direct impact at your website’s ranks. Of course, it is impossible to influence all the 200+ algorithms. At the same time, there are some algorithms Google pays foremost attention at. By enhancing our websites for these algorithms, we can seriously improve our Google ranks. In this post, I will talk about two most important Google algorithms that will still matter in SEO 2017.


Backlinks were always highly important for Google. In the beginning, Google had a single algorithm that was only counting a number of backlinks a website has. Google was not paying any attention to the quality or relevance of backlinks. A website with the greatest amount of backlinks used to have the best ranks. Today, Google became smarter. Nowadays, it does not solely count the number of backlinks. It pays primary attention to the quality and relevance of backlinks. I have read a lot of materials on SEO, listened to dozens of SEO lectures, and studied words of Matt Cutts. I do not claim to be an SEO professional. However, what I clearly understood is that it is absolutely impossible to rank a website without high-quality backlinks. SEO specialists hold discussions on this topic. Nevertheless, backlinks is the most important factor that will always matter. From 200+ Google algorithms, backlinks is the most important factor we should always pay our attention at.

If you are concerned about your website’s SEO, building high-quality backlinks is the first thing you should do. High-quality backlinks show your website’s authority. A website without backlinks has no authority for Google and other search engines. Even if your on-page SEO is excellent, you will never rank your website. Backlinks is a head of SEO. Thus, if you are interested in carrying out a great SEO campaign for your website, first of all, emphasize your efforts at building high-quality backlinks.

No doubts, high-quality backlinks will be still very relevant in SEO 2017


As Matt Cutts said, high-quality backlinks and good on-page SEO are the most important factors counted by Google. I have already told you the most important words regarding backlinks. Now, let me tell you something about on-page SEO. On-page SEO is a very meticulous process of optimization all the pages on your website. On-page SEO consists of:

a) Focus keyword

b) The slug for a page

c) Subheadings (focus keyword is highly recommended in subheadings)

d) Inbound links

e) Page title

f) The length of your text (it is highly recommended to have text that are more than 300 words long)

g) Keyword density

h) Meta description (still important for Google to some extent)

i) Images and alt tags

These are some of the factors that influence your on-page SEO. As I have previously said, on-page SEO is a very meticulous and scrupulous process. To configure my posts for on-page SEO, I use Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is really incredible. There are no other alternatives to this wonderful SEO tool used by millions of blogger worldwide. The plugin lets you automatically configure on-page SEO of your website.

I can assure you that on-page SEO will be still highly important for Google in 2017.

Having high-quality backlinks and professionally done on-page SEO will definitely improve your ranks in search engines. Backlinks and on-page SEO are the most important algorithms for Google. These factors will not lose their relevance in 2017.

Written by Bahtiyar
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