vacationTraveling is a passion of millions of people around the globe. All of us enjoy this wonderful activity. Benefits and advantages of traveling are infinite. You meet new people, enlarge your horizons, change your worldview while traveling. Traveling is the best way to get rid of your stress and depression. Living in a single place for a long period of time can be really annoying and boring. Almost every person around the globe strives to travel at least once in a year. There are some superbly busy people who are not able to abandon their country even for a short period of time. Others have no financial ability to travel and enjoy their life. 

Firstly, I planned to fully dedicate my blog to traveling, but soon, I realized that traveling is impossible if you have no enough financial resources. That is the main reasons why I started writing about the ways how you can build a regular passive income, and thus, guarantee you a great opportunity to travel the world. Traveling is not available for millions of people due to a multitude of diverse reasons. Most of them are connected to financial restrictions. Air tickets, hotels, transportation, and other costs are not cheap. Your travel will become tremendously expensive if you prefer traveling internationally. I perfectly understand all the difficulties travelers around the world encounter on their ways.  

Our world is developing and every new day brings us new opportunities which were not available for us before. The Internet has completely changed everything in our life. Every part of our life is simplified by the help of the Internet. Traveling is not an exclusion. Today, you may travel internationally for absolutely free. You do not need to book a hotel, or rent a car. In this awesome article, I will give you very useful information that will simplify everything for you. You won’t have any worries regarding your limited financial funds and other expenses.


I have discovered a great Internet resource that lets you exchange your home with someone who lives in the destination where you want to travel. You contact that person and suggest him your home. If he agrees for the exchange, you go to his destination and live in his house. At the same time, that person comes to your city and uses your lodgings. Everything is very simple. HomeForExchange is a great service that lets you carry out a successful home exchange with people worldwide.  Let me tell you more about this awesome company.

HomeForExchange is a leading company that lets people around the world exchange their homes for vacations. HomeForExchange has already carried out 500 000 successful home exchanges around the globe. The network has good promotional and advertising policies. Thus, you will be ensured that millions of people around the world will be available for your potential exchange. The service is not free. When you register at HomeForExchange, you are given 10 days of free trial. You can use these days to test and fully use the service. You can browse their network and look for different homes in your desired destinations. A free trial is limited to ten days. After this time expires, you will be requested to pay to annul price that costs 64.50$. You may make your payment via any credit card like VISA, MASTERCARD, you may also make a direct bank transfer, and additionally, HomeForExchange lets you make your payment via check. HomeForExchange is not SSL secured, however, the page where you make you payment has a secure SSL protocol. Thus, you may not worry about the safety of your transaction. 64.50$ is the annual cost to use all services of HomeForExchange. You won’t need to pay any additional fees anymore. Next year, you will also be charged 64.50$. However, you can stop your subscription anytime you wish. The service lets you upload photos of your home. Thus, users of HomeForExchange are able to browse the network and look for homes where they’d like to have their vacations. You contact the person whose home you like and suggest making an exchange. If that person likes your home, you will negotiate the dates of your exchange. The person arrives at your country and you visit his destination. HomeForExchange does not allow any rentals and any other paid agreements. All the exchanges are carried out for absolutely free. Usually, cars are also included in the exchange agreement. Thus, you may drive the person’s car and he can also drive the car that remains at your home. However, if you do not wish the person to drive your car, you may exclude your car from the exchange agreement. Moreover, your insurance will still have its vigor. If something is damaged, your insurance all expenses will be covered by your insurance company. Duration of the vacations is negotiated between two exchanges.

HomeForExchange does not control this issue. If both parties agree to exchange their homes for six or even more months, there is no one to forbid them. It is between you and your exchanger. 


1)    You save your money

While staying at hotels and renting cars, you spend a lot of money. The cheapest hotel rooms cost at least 50$/ day. Calculate your costs if you are going to travel with your family. Car rental is not the cheapest thing in the world. Thus, not everyone is capable of having long international vacations. Usually, people are financially restricted, and therefore, their vacations do not last long. With HomeForExchange, you will only need to pay for your air tickets. That’s is all. You will have a house and a car for absolutely free. Hence, you save a lot of money. You may spend that amount of your funds buying souvenirs, shopping, or visiting different places in your travel destination. HomeForExchange is a good option for people who want to save their money.  

2)    You vacations will be more natural

What do I mean by “natural”? Usually, when we travel, we stay at hotels. Thus, we are excluded from the local population of a city. The people who stay at hotels are usually treated like foreigners. Hotels are situated in cities. HomeForExchange lets you get the home that is situated amongst local people. Thus, you will be able to feel the cultural and national atmospheres of the country. HomeForExchange makes your vacations more natural.

HomeForExchange is an absolute leader in the online market. There is no a second web service similar to “>HomeForExchange. Its price is affordable for everyone. HomeForExchange is definitely one of the best ways to have great vacations abroad for absolutely free.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.