Can You get a Hernia While Squatting, Deadlifting, or Benchpressing?

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      Maybell Morar

      I know that bodybuilding is a very dangerous sports. Most professional bodybuilders have hernias.

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      Michael Wells

      I have been lifting for 10 years. Thanks to God, I don’t have any hernias.

      Nevertheless, hernias are inevitable if you don’t use proper techniques and lift too much weight. Don’t try to lift more than you are physically capable! Your muscles will grow even with average weights. You don’t need to lift an elephant to become huge!

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      Diego Escamilla

      Hernias are very dangerous. You try to become stronger, more attractive by lifting weights, but if you get a hernia, your looks will be messed.

      Be careful, brother! It is better to lift less and stay safe than lift huge weights and risk getting a hernia!

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