How Do Prisoners Become So Muscular With Poor Prison Diets?

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      Theresa Baker

      Muscular prisonersI am not a bodybuilding enthusiast. However, I have some curious questions. If you look at inmates, they look bigger than those men who are free, have salaries, and eat good food. How do inmates get so muscular while their diest aren’t rich in nutrients?

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      Abigale Kuhlman

      Hello, Theresa. I am sure you are talking about American prisoners specifically. Even though I am not American,let me share my opinion on the question.

      I think in any prison in the world (except Max security prisons), inmates can get whatever they want with some money and a little bit husstle. Inmates are usually well-connected. They have gangster friends outside the prisons. Corruption is also widely spread in developed, developing, and poor countries. USA is not an exceptions. Human beings have the same nature even on the moon.

      American inmates smuggle anabolic steroids to the prisons through their people outside. Prison guards are either bribed, or the smuggling is done secretly. Even though they don’t have super nutritious meals, keep in mind that they also don’t expend much calories. They only sleep and eat. Thus, in this condition, it is absolutely possible to grow muscles.

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      Diego Escamilla

      True, meals in prisons are not as good and nutritious as at home, cafes, and restaurants. But keep in mind one important fact – inmates spend a very small number of calories since they only sleep, eat, train, read books, have conversations, and do other stuff. In this condition, surpluses of calories is guaranteed. As Abigale has pointed out, it is very easy to smuggle anabolic steroids into prisons. Thus, we have all the necessary factors required to become muscular: training, calories surplus, anabolic steroid, and enough rest for recovery and muscle growth.

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