What supplements do you take while bulking?

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      Michael Wells

      What bodybuilding supplements do you consume when you want to build muscle mass, during bulking cycle, etc.? All answers are appreciated. Thanks!

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      Muammar Ebrahimi

      Hey Michael. How are you? I drink nothing except mass gainer, protein powder, and creatine. I drink creatine 365 days a year. This is a very helpful supplement. I think that mass gainer and protein are essential on bulking cycles. Even Ronnie Coleman was drinking mass gainers while bulking. They have tons of calories.

      How about you? You have a nice, lean look, by the way!

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      Michael Wells

      Hi, Muammar. I totally agree with you. Additionally, I use BCAA for recovery. I think that BCAA is more essential than creatine for muscle building. Creatine is also good (slightly increases strength, and holds water intracellularly).

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