What are the Benefits of Coming Out?

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      Raul Williams

      I consider myself bisexual. However, I don’t reveal my real sexual orientation to anyone. What are the benefits of coming out?

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      Rosanna McLaughlin

      bisexual ccoming outHello, Raul. I am also a bisexual woman. Coming out as a person with untraditional sexual orientation has some good benefits. Here are some of them:

      1) Living according to your personal rules and principles

      Whenever you hide something from your society, you are kind of wearing a maskwearing a mask that conceals your real identity. When you come out, you kind of declare: “I don’t care what others think about me!”

      2) It is easier to find sex partners

      When I came out as a bisexual woman, I was surprised how many women sstarted approaching me (some for sex and some for relationships).

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