How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Professional Online Store?

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      Tuqa Kaleel

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      Giaan Mehta

      Online storeI know that you want to start and e-commerce website, and of course, you are concerned of its potencial cost.

      Let me make some calculations:

      1) Purchase a good e-commerce theme on ThemeForest. It will cost you from 30$ to 100$.

      2) Purchase a yearly hosting plan. It will cost you pity 46$ if you buy it on TMD hosting.

      3) Purchase SSL protocol. It will cost you 9$ if you buy it on NameCheap + 40$ for installation if you instal it on TMD hosting.

      Thus, creating an e-commerce website won’t even cost you 200$. The overall cost will be less than 200$. It is very cheap and almost everyone can build an e-commerce website today.

      That is all you need. Of course, you will need to invest some money to buy your inventory for sale and many other things. However, these costs are not included in the costs related to building an e-commerce website.

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      Brian Williams

      A professional online store, with custom web design and development, will cost way higher than those numbers mentioned in previous answers. You are lucky if you find a professional web designer that agrees to make a design of your online store for 500$. Further, 500$ for custom web development is the minimum price you can find on the market.

      If you know how to list items on your new web platform, it is good. However, if you don’t know, then, you will need to hire someone who will fill the website with your products. This is an additional fee. A good logo will cost at least 100$. Hosting will be the cheapest thing in this project. Thus, my predictions are about 1500$.

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