Are Chinese Clothes from eBay Any Good?

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      John Simpson

      I saw some gorgeous-looking classic and casual shirts on eBay. Are they safe to buy? I mean how good is the quality of these Chinese Clothes?

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      Raleigh Crona

      Hello, John. There isn’t anything wrong in buying Chinese clothes from eBay. While buying something, pay attention at the cloth. If it is cotton, then, it is of good quality. Polyester clothes tend to be of worse quality.

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      Sean Daniel

      meen clothesRegardless of where you buy your clothes: Amazon or eBay, you should understand that everything is made in China. Only top-notch luxurious brands produce their clothes and accessories either in France or Italy. Keep in mind that even such expensive brands as Tom Ford, Gucci, Givenchy produce their packaging boxes in China.

      While buying Chinese clothes on eBay, pay attention at the material. If it looks good and says ‘cotton’, then go ahead and buy it.

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