Is it Manly to Wear a Guyliner?

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      Julien Reinger


      Hello, everyone. I am a straight man. I really like the way a guyliner looks on men. I also like wearing an eyeliner myself. With an eyeliner, eyes become so dark, beautiful, and mysterious. Some people think it is feminine to use a eyeliner. What is your personal opinion on the topic?

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      Michael Wells

      GuylinerI think it is absolutely manly to wear a guyliner if you are a masculine man with a beard. Otherwise, if you shave like a pus.y and have feminine looks, an eyeliner will make you look like a queer goth.

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      Cale Pagac

      I absolutely agree with Michael. A guyliner is a cool and manly thing if you are a masculine man. A beard is a compulsory element of your face if you want to wear an eyeliner. I looked at those beardless guy who also wear an eyeliner. To be honest, they look very feminine. Thus, it depends on your initial looks. A guyliner can either make you more masculine or feminine.

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      Dean Rutherford

      As other guys have already said, a guyliner will make you more masculine if you are already masculine. On the opposite side, if your looks are feminine, then, an eyeliner will make you look more feminine. From another perspective of view, you are the owner of your face, and you should do whatever you want. If you love the way guyliner looks on you, wear it regardless of feminine or masculine looks.

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