What are the Best Supplements to Make my Beard Grow?

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      Maybell Morar

      BeardI am a pinoy man. Genetically, Asians don’t have thick beards. I am a fan of big and full beards. Is there a way I can grow a gorgeous beard? What supplements, oils should I take? Thanks!

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      Dean Rutherford

      Beard growthBeard growth is genetic. With good hairy genetics, you will grow a beard without any supplements. I understand that you lack this factor.

      Have you checked your testosterone? If your testosterone level is very low, then, you will need to exercise and do other things to naturally increase your testosterone.

      If you know for sure that your testosterone is at a normal level, then, you need to take some goo beard growth supplements. Minoxidil is the best supplement for beard growth you can buy on Amazon.

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      Sean Daniel

      Dean, you are partly correct regarding testosterone. However, there is one important thing you forgot to mention. If his cheeks and shin genetically don’t have beard follicles, no amount of testosterone or any other beard cream or oil will grow it.

      If testosterone is your problem, then, workout, have sex more frequently. If it doesn’t help, then, use Minoxidil. If that doesn’t help, then, go to a specialized surgeon who can plant beard follicles on your face.

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      Michael Wells

      Loads of men have mentioned Minoxidil. I think that Minoxidil is just a brand. Make your won research on Amazon. There are tons of different beard supplements available. Read reviews, make your conclusions, and buy what you want.

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