What is the best thing to use for hair grooming: gel, wax, or pomade?

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      Dany Davis

      Guys, I am thinking of buying something for hair grooming. What is the best thing I can use? Thanks!

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      Raul Williams

      Hey, Dany. I think that old and tried gel is one of the best things you can use for hair grooming. The downside of gel is that it makes your hair hard as steel and it is also very shiny. I really don’t like this bad side of gels.

      In my opinion, pomade is the best thing you can use. It fixes your hair and makes it look natural. Try Suavecito.

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      Dany Davis

      Hey, Raul. Thanks for the reply. I heard that pomade doesn’t have a strong fixation. Is it true or just a rumor?

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