What is the Difference Between a Dominant Woman and a Feminist?

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      Emma Lee

      I know you all have different understanding of who a feminist is. In your opinion, what is the difference between just a dominant woman and a hardcore feminist?

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      Dark Angel

      In my opinion, a dominant woman is a woman who dominates men without exploring, nor humiliating them. Feminists discriminate and disrespect men. Feminist women hate the very manly nature. They think that men are inherently evil and bad creatures. On the other hand, a dominant woman is still find of men. This is how I understand these definitions.

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      Sean Daniel

      A feminist wants to elliminate all men from the face of the world. Feminists hate manly men. They might be satisfied as long as men who surround them are feminine, not masculine.

      A dominant woman likes and enjoys company of masculine men. At the same time, she loves dominating.

      These are the differences.

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