Suggest Some Crazy and Funny Tv Shows

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      Sean Daniel

      Thrillers, actions, comedy tv shows – I am fed up of everything. I wanna watch something surrealistic. Give your suggestions.

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      Caesar Klein

      “Blood Drive” is the craziest and funniest TV show I have ever watched in my life. This is the only TV show that I want to rewatch when I have some free time.

      The whole Aura of “Blood Drive” is somehow surrealistic, crazy, and hallucinating.

      Blood Drive

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      Sukriti Gole

      Watch ‘Shameless”. This TV show is funny and crazy to some extent. However, if you prefer I intellectual stuff, you will hate this TV show. ‘Shameless’ is more for emotional people.

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      Coty Emmerich

      Breaking Bad‘Breaking Bad’ is one of the best craziest and funniest TV shows I have ever watched in my life. I suppose you have already watched it. If you haven’t, then, you should. All the hype is well-deserved!

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      Sean Daniel

      WOW. Thank you all! I will definitely watch these series!

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