What are the Best Suspense Thriller TV Shows to Watch?

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      Stewart Jackson

      I am tired of your typical Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and other fairy tale stuff. Please, suggest me some serious, dark thriller TV shows to bring watch.

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      Maria Brown

      If you are looking for a truly dark and exciting thriller TV show, then, you will surely love Ozark. This show wasn’t much hyped and promoted, but it is really awesome. I bing watched all the seasons.

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      Raleigh Crona

      Looking for the darkest suspense and action packed thriller TV show? My choose is Banshee. The TV series is very underrated and unknow. Nevertheless, believe me, this work deserves your attention! Watch Banshee. It is Fabulous!

      An ex-convict becomes a fake city sheriff the same day he is released from a prison. The plot is very unique and exciting!

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      Marty O’Reilly

      ‘Banshee’ is surely a very underrated TV show. I put it above ‘Game of Thrones’ and all othe fairy tale stuff. It is so sad ‘Banshee’ wasn’t extended to next seasons.

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