What are the Pros and Cons of Being Beautiful?

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      Zachary Powell

      beautiful peopleEveryone wants to be beautiful/handsome. Handsome and beautiful people, tell us about the pros and cons of being attractive.

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      Waraka Anwar

      Beautiful womanBeing beautiful has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Let me mention and describe some of them.

      People are attracted to beautiful people

      The main advantage of being beautiful is that people are attracted to attractive people. Thus, it is easier to make new connections, approach other people, and make friends. People are eager to be in your company when you are beautiful.

      Being beautiful makes you confident

      When you are beautiful, you will be more confident. When you are confident, success will come to you very quickly.

      People envy you when you are beautiful

      If you are beautiful, then, you surely have a lot of enemies. People overtly and covertly envy you. They might be friendly outside, but deep inside, they are your enemies!

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      John Simpson

      I think the problem with all these young and pretty Instagram ladies is that they get satisfied and fulfilled by their own looks. They get some likes and sexy comments from horny virtual dudes on Instagram, Facebook, and this makes them feel like superstars.

      What these women don’t realize is that they are very dumb. When a person gets all the world’s praise and fame just because he/she is beautiful, they stop thinking about spiritual and intellectual development. Thus, beauty is a type of trap.

      Good looks are temporary. Everyone ages, and then, all the beauty fades away. Your soul is the only thing that remains immortal.

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