What are the signs that your life is being wasted?

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      Aayushi Chand

      We want to have fulfilling and meaningful lives. From time to time, I am feeling like I am doing what I was not supposed to do. Please, share your knowledge.

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      Sigurd Herzog

      Here are a few signs that your life is being wasted:

      1) You do something that you don’t like doing

      Whatever you do in your life, it isn’t yours if you don’t enjoy doing this thing. When you were created for something, you will undoubtedly enjoy doing this thing. Thus, if you are busy doing something that isn’t yours, then, you are wasting your life.

      2) You live somewhere you hate living

      If you live in a city or a country that you don’t like, then, you are wasting your life. You need to move to another place. If you continue living in the place you hate, then, your life is being wasted!

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