Why Do People Smoke?

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      Zachary Powell

      SmokingWe all know that smoking is a very dangerous and bad habit. Smoking kills people slowly. It is a poison that destroys your body and mind. Nevertheless, people continue to smoke. Why do people smoke. Share your opinion!

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      Maria Brown

      I think that physical addiction is not an issue when it comes to giving up the habit. I am sure that people smoke for two reasons:

      1) Stress relief

      I know loads of women and men who smoke to relax. A small portion of nicotine gives them a feeling of relaxation that lasts for a few minutes. This relaxation provides them with the feeling of stress relief. Even though not much continuous, this relaxation serves as a relief in stressful situations.

      2) Wrong stereotypes

      Mass media and tobacco corporations brainwashed younger generations. Nowadays, youngsters associate smoking with something cool. Rich and successful people smoke.
      Smoking a cigar

      These are the two primal reason why people are addicted to this bad habit.

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