Why is Sigmund Freud so Famous and Popular?


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      Dallas Hegmann

      Sigmund FreudCan you explain why is Sigmund Freud so popular and famous? There were millions of psychologists in the world, but Sigmund is the most famous among them.

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      Coty Emmerich

      Sigmund Freud and Sexual revolutionI think that Sigmund Freud is the biggest scientific scam of the 20th and 21st centuries. This man was a part of Illuminati’s plan to degrade the world.

      Sigmund FreudImagine yourself, an unknown Austrian psychiatrist arrives to the United States of America, and instantly, he gains global media attention. Mass media started hyping and promoting him. His ideas were widely spread on TV, newspapers, and other media tools. His theories were suddenly accepted in the world’s most prestigous universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and so on.

      The most suspicious is the fact that Sigmund Freud mainly talked about the danger of having your sexual desires repressed. His hidden message was: “Sexual revolution must come”. Sigmund Freud brought sexual revolution to the United States, and later, to the whole world. America was a very conservative country with family values, church, and morality. Sigmund Freud turned everything upside down. You judge who this man is!

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