Would You Kill Your Enemy if You were Guaranteed Full Impunity?

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      Maybell Morar

      We all have enemies in this life. We hate them, and only fear of prison is stopping us from physically harming our enemies. Would you kill your enemy if you were guaranteed full impunity?

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      Maria Brown


      Fear of law, police, prison are those things that make us keep our innate aggression in hold. In times of anarchy, you can clearly see the real human nature – they kill, rob, rap, loot, and do all types of criminal activities.

      If I was given a full impunity, I would definitely kill my enemies. However, I would do it very slowly. First, I would isolate, humiliate, torture, and then, finally, kill them as a mercy to relieve them from their physical and psychological suffering.

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      Brian Williams

      Violence and anarchySteve Pinker (Harvard professor) wrote a great bestselling book on aggression, violence, and anarchy – ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined’ In the book, Steven Pinker proves that centralized governments and police control are the only things that prevent our civilizations from turning into bloody anarchy.

      As of your question, surely, I would totally annihilate and destroy everyone who has ever offended me in the most murderous, bloody, and rudest manner. We aren’t as good and merciful as we think of ourselves!

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