Is it better to take my girlfriend with me or to find a local mistress?

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      Jose Lynch

      Hello, guys. I saved some good money to travel to hot destinations: Thailand, Brazil, the Philippines, and maybe Russia.

      I think it is a dumb idea to take my girlfriend with me whilst I can easily meet dozens of sexy girls abroad. Am I right or what? Why so many dudes carry their girlfriends wherever they go?!

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      Anna Young

      This is surely the best place on the Internet to learn and understand male psychology!😂

      If you aren’t a betrayer, then, take your girlfriend! I will never
      understand you, guys!👿

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      Brian Williams

      Hello, Jose. It all depends on your intentions. If you want to enjoy new women in all the places you visit, then, you should leave your girlfriend at home.

      Surely, don’t take you girlfriend with you. You are a handsome man, and you will meet loads of beautiful ladies wherever you go.

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