Is it Better to Travel with a Backpack or a Suitcase?

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      Raul Williams

      Hello. I have been traveling with a ssuitcase for the majority of my life. Now, I have jumped on the backpacking hype. I want to travel backpacking style. In your opinion, is it better to travel internationally with a suitcase or a backpack?

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      Marty O’Reilly

      It depends on your travel goals. If you plan hiking, going to mountains and forests, jungles, and all other wild places, then, you should have a backpack.

      If you plan to travel in a civilized style (going somewhere like Dubai), then, definitely a travel suitcase should be your choice. You will drop it in your hotel and go, see the city!

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      Dany Davis

      I will usually take my big travel suitcase when my trip is going to last for a long time (a few month up to a year and more). I carry a backpack for short trips regardless of the way I travel (wild or civilized travel)
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