What Do You Hate About Modern Travel Blogs?


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      Triston Streich

      travel blogThere are thousands of travel blogs out there. I feel like most of them are unnatural. What do you hate the most about modenr travel blogs?

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      Tuqa Kaleel

      There are too many travel blogs on the Internet. I think there maybe millions of travel blogs, however, only a couple dozens of them are popular and successful.

      Here are some of the things that are missing on travel blogs:

      1) Originality ( travel blogs duplicate and repeat each other)

      2) Uniqueness ( most of the travel blogs give the same recommendations and travel tips)

      3) Lack of travel videos (only a few travel blogs record their travel on video). Most of the travel blogs provide only photos on their blogs. This is a mistake. Readers love visual content, and therefore, travel videos are the best tools to make a trravel blog more attractive and elegant.

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      Gayatri Kannan

      travel bloggerI think that modern travel blogs are all about showing off and boasting. Instead of giving people useful travel tips and hacks, travel bloggers show off luxurious hotels where they stay, delicious meals, first class business seats, and so on. Poeple don’t really need this stuff. Be more genuine in my opinion.

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