What was the Most Dangerous Thing that Happened to you While Traveling?

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      Emma Lee

      Not everything always goes smooth. Share your most dangerous and scariest moments while you were traveling.

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      Sigurd Herzog

      The most dangerous thing is when you are suspected as a spy while traveling. It is very difficult to distinguish a traveler from a spy. Both are foreigners, both travel, both communicate with locals, and both are very suspicious to national security agents.

      The problem is that national security agents in all countries of the world have a very severe paranoia. Especially, in Middle Eastern countries, and Asian countries such as Turkey. I won’t tell you the detials, but I was repeatedly interrogated in Turkey because I was traveling the whole country from North to South, East, and West. And yes, it is very dangerous. They can torture you, imprison you, andd do other things with impunity!

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