Why the Butt Cult is so Strongly Established in Brazil?

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      Nikki Thompson

      Why the Butt cult (you know what I am talking about) is so popular and strongly established in Brazil? Brazilians are obsessed with attractive butts.
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      Sukriti Gole

      Hello, Nikki. I think there are a lot of factors that created the Butt cult in Brazil. Let me describe some of them:

      1) Genetics

      Brazilian ladies are genetically blessed. They have naturally big butts, hips, and breasts.

      2) The climate

      Brazilian climate is awesome. There is an ocean, beaches, and sunshine. This factor created a Brazilian beach lifestyle.

      3) Lack of religious and cultural restrictions

      Even though Brazil is a Catholic Christian country, I assume that religious influence isn’t strong there.

      Combined, all these factors created the Butt cult in Brazil.

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      Sigurd Herzog

      Brazilian Sexy BeachThe butt cult wouldn’t be established somewhere in cold countries such as Iceland and Norway, because people there are constantly clothed in warm clothes that conceal their butts, breasts, and other parts of their bodies.

      In Brazil, the beach culture plays a major role in shaping Brazilian culture and mentality. When you have a hot beach, you visit it in a bikini, and men stare at your butt, you should definitely make your backside look attractive and sexy.

      Thus, I think that the warm climate, availability and proximity of beaches, and the ocean are the main factors that shaped the butt cult in Brazil.

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      Waraka Anwar

      Brazilian buttsObviously, when you have something you are proud of, you will boast and show off. Oppositely, when you aren’t confident about yourself, you have a lot of psychological complexes, you will try to avoid these things.

      But cults don’t appear in countries where women genetically have flat asses – Japan, China, (maybe Finland, Poland – I am not sure exactly how flat women’s butts are there).

      In Brazil, women are genetically voluptuous and curvaceous. That’s why they show off what the nature has gifted them with. Genetics is the main factor here!

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