Do You Feel Pity for All These Fighters Who Injure Themselves for Money?

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      Coty Emmerich

      ufc injuriesI feel like 99,9% of UFC fighters come from poor families, backgrounds, and environments. Whenever I see them, I feel pity for them. How about you?

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      Sigurd Herzog

      Bj PennAs far as I know, BJ Penn is the only UFC fighter who comes from an affluent Hawaiian family. His father is a real estate mogul in Hawaii. I have no idea why this guy decided to participate in MMA fights.

      With other MMA and UFC fighters, I think that their situation is more complicated. Most of them would become thugs, gangsters, policemen, bodyguards, hitmen, military men, and other individuals whose physical force is required. Maybe MMA is a better choice for these dudes. I don’t envy their fame since it is a fame of gladiators who entertain people.

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      Dean Rutherford

      gladiatorsMMA fighters are modern-times gladiators. Our societies became somehow more merciful than they were during the days of the Roman empire. Those days, gladiators were fighting till death. Today, fights stop when an assigned referee stops the fight.

      Somehow, I feel pity for MMA fighters. According to modern sociological researches, we live in history’s safest and most peaceful time. To an extent, there is no necessity to fight nowadays. We all live in states with centralized government and police control.

      Nevertheless, these fighters have chosen their path. For some of them, fighting is glorious, honorable, and courageous. They define their values and live according to them.

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      Caesar Klein

      It is true that MMA fighters somehow resemble ancient gladiators. On the other hand, this comparison isn’t accurate. Gladiators were slaves (they didn’t choose to fight). Modern MMA fighters are free people, and their choice is independent and conscious. I think that the majority of MMA fighters are very enthusiastic about fighting. Thus, I don’t feel any pity for them.

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