Who is the Greatest Army Commander in History ofnthe World?

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      Raleigh Crona

      In your opinion, who is the greatest army commander in the world? Alexander, Chingizhan, Suvorov, Napoleon, Attila, or anyone else? Please, prove your position!

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      Coty Emmerich

      Hannibal BarcaIn my opinion, Hannibal is surely the greatest army commander and leader in the world history. Alexander, Napoleon, and others have also achieved great heights. However, let me explain why Hannibal is the greatest.

      1) Hannibal started his wars when his country was in a very weak and vulnerable position

      After the first Punic war, Carthage was defeated. The Roman Empire humiliated Carthage by demanding huge war reparations.

      Alexander had an already ready army left from his father. Plus, Macedonia was in a good, powerful state when Alexander was starting his conquests.

      2) Hannibal united dozens of nations, races, and tribes into a single army

      As you know, Hannibal’s army wasn’t monogamous. It consisted of dozens of nations, races, and tribes. To unite such a great variety of different people, an army commander should have truly brilliant leadership skills. Hannibal was a natural leader.

      3) Hannibal’s persistence is extraordinary

      Even after he was fully defeated, he didn’t stop the war against the Roman Empire till the moment of his death. Exiled, on remote lands, alone, he still continued fighting the Romans through proxies, and other means.

      Thus, I give the 1st spot to Hannibal. The greates leader and general of all times.

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      Maybell Morar

      Alexander MacedonianHannibal himself said that he placed Alexander in the first place. I do absolutely agree with Hannibal. If Hannibal defeated Scipio, he might be the best army commander in the world’s history. Unfortunately, Hannibal lost at Zama. Also, he leaked sieging skills. Thus, I vote for Alexander.

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