Do you have a beard? I guess you don’t have it. Only a small percentage of men in the world wear beards. However, growing a beard becomes more and more popular nowadays. Every day we see celebrities who grow beards. Growing a beard is more popular in the East. Arabic countries have the biggest concentration of beardy men. However, it is not unusual to see some European men with beards. A beard is a trend now. It is very fashionable to grow a beard nowadays. When this fashion ends up, every man who wears a beard because of the fashion will surely shave. There are some people who do not care about fashion and grow beards because of more important reasons. As you can see I also have a beard. I grow a beard not just because it is fashionable. I have not shaved my beard since 2007 and today is 2016. I have not shaved for 9 years. Do you think that I follow any fashion? Seven years ago a beard was not popular. It was very weird to have a beard at that time. I never care about what people think because the majority of people always sleep in different kinds of delusions. There are many reasons more than a simple fashion to grow a beard. Let me give you a list of some of them.


Having a beard makes you more brutal. Some people afraid of beardy men. Usually, women and men may have felt some fearful emotions to people who have beards. Brutality is not being a tender and a nice boy. Being brutal means being confident and serious. I cannot assure you that women prefer brutal men. There are different types of women and each of them has different preferences and tastes. You may meet some women who hate beardy men. Some women afraid of beardy men and there is a group of women who adore beards. I have met different women in my life. I have met some girls who were fans of my beard. However, there are some girls who dislike beards. My experience shows me that the majority of women do not like beards and it is true. Grow yourself a beard and you will see that my words are absolutely true. So what are the reasons why women dislike beardy men? The main reason is that when you have a beard, you look like a real man. Women are afraid of real, brutal men. Usually, they befriend someone women like. I have seen hundreds of gorgeous women whose boyfriends looked like girls. Your beardy appearance may be caring for some of the girls.

Do you aim to be liked by every woman? No. If you a rational man, you should put your interests in the first place. Do everything you want even if the majority of your society dislikes it. If your woman dislikes your beard, but you like it, just ignore her and do whatever you want. Do you want to become a brutal man? Why do you want to become a brutal man? You want to be brutal because you like brutality and confidence. Then you should not care about how popular beard is. You will definitely find yourself a woman who will like your beard.


Scientific researches have stated that 95% of UV sun rays are blocked by a beard. Thus beard prevents skin cancer because UV rays are the main reason for this type of cancer.


Beardy men look very mature. Usually, women who are over 25 pay attention to this factor. A mature man looks more reliable and serious. Those women who are looking for a serious relationship will definitely choose a beardy man.  


Beardy men surely look sexier than men who have no beards. Beards embellished a man’s face. Thus, you increase your chances to become more successful in your sexual hunt.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.