your businessYou have already launched your own business and you are not satisfied with its progress. Growing a business requires loads of effort, time, and patience. Are you ready for that? New entrepreneurs are usually very frustrated when they do not see any incredible results at the beginning of their new enterprise. You need to take lots of steps in order to start a business, and consequently, developing and enhancing it is not the easiest task. 


It is absolutely clear to you that you won’t be able to manage your company alone. At the beginning of your enterprise, it may be very easy to manage your project. However, when it grows up, you will need a huge staff of professionals who will develop your business further. Your company needs to function perfectly if you want to grow very fastly. All branches of your organization should work very accurately. There is no doubt that you will have several departments in your company. A financial department, sales department, customer support department, and many other structures. Do you think that you will be able to control everything yourself? It is impossible. Recruit some professional specialists in your company and give them specific tasks. Motivate them and your business will grow very quickly. 


You perfectly know that a company cannot function without any profit. You will become bankrupt if your costs are bigger than your earnings. Your company will not be able to maintain itself if you have no funds to invest in it. You will need to pay monthly salaries, taxes, and other expenses. Concentrate your attention and efforts on your current customers. Do not lose your energy to find new clients because it may be more expensive for you. At the beginning of your project, do not spend too much on advertising and promotions. 

Establish regular income sources and maintain them. Do not be disappointed if your profit is not too big. You must be happy if your initial earnings are enough to maintain your organization. Do not expect to generate a great profit in the beginning of your way. It is absolutely impossible. Companies that make billions of dollars annually are not new in the market. Most of them have spent several decades to become who they are now. For example Amazon. This online resource has generated nearly 150 billion dollars in 2015. Amazon is not a newbie and it took a lot of years to reach this level of success.  


Every business is connected to some sorts of risks. You have a risk when you start a business and you usually have risks when you run it. You have some financial risk in the beginning because you invest in something that is not familiar to you. You are not sure that your new enterprise will reward you with profit. You may lose your invested money and you also have a chance to make some cash. Risks are not avoidable when you make a business. Even when you have a regular job,  you will have some kinds of risks. For example, you may be fired at any time due to a multitude of different reasons. So let us forget about risks while making business. A risk and a business are like a day and night. There is no single day without a night. 

What you definitely need to do is to avoid additional risks. Do not engage yourself in extremely risky enterprises. Sometimes new businessmen want to have a quick income and therefore they invest tons of money into promotions and advertising. In a result, their promotions do not give them any results and they have no money to continue their business. This situation is very usual. Try to avoid making business in this style. Emphasize your efforts on building a regular income. Do not spend too much money on promotions and do not take any loans. I would like to suggest everyone forget about profit at the beginning of your business. If your current income is sufficient to continue your business without any loss, you should be satisfied and happy with it. There is no secret formula on how to get rich very fast. Business needs stability. 

To grow your business very quickly, you will need to avoid additional financial risks.  


Business is the most frequently changing sphere, and therefore, you need to adapt yourself and your commerce strategy to any possible situation. Be adaptive and flexible to survive in the global business competition. Forget about your principles that do not allow you to be successful. One of the common characteristics of successful startups is their ability to promptly change directions and adapt themselves to new business situations. Being adaptive lets your test different business approaches and tools. Do not stick to a single business model. We cannot estimate something if we have not compared it with something else. Test and try different business models and decide which of them suits your business more. 

Be flexible and do not rely on a single income source or a business strategy. Remember that nothing in this life is immortal. Business rules change every day, and therefore, find some flexibility in order to adapt to new circumstances. 


Your knowledge and experience are the key factors for your success. You won’t be successful if your team consists of people who are not professional in their specialties. Before launching a new enterprise, you must have read loads of different books and articles regarding your business. It is very usual to collect all the available data before starting a new business project. You may think that it is enough and you do not need to do any additional efforts to enlarge your professional knowledge. You are wrong and let me explain to you why. 

Business is a very competitive activity. There are thousands of companies that offer people the same services and products. Some organizations may outrun you by the quality of available products and customer support. You need to be a leader in your sphere to be successful in your business. Competitors want to outrun each other, and therefore, everyone strives to enhance and develop their own business models. You need to know that other companies educate their staff through different professional courses, seminars, and projects. Your staff should be professional if you want your business to succeed. You are the head of your company, and as a result, you are fully responsible for its achievements and failures. Are you a good psychologist? If you are not, you should develop insight into your personality. This feature is very important in business. You will need to deal with different people and hire specialists in your team. Being a good psychologist is very necessary to select the right people. Your insight may help you to predict the expectations and needs of your clients. If you satisfy them, you will be the winner. Customer support of your company should be good, and for that, you need to educate your staff to be very polite and attentive. 

Your competitors educate themselves and their staff. Thus, they develop and enhance the quality of their business. You should do the same thing if you don’t want to be a loser.  


As I have mentioned, business changes every day. New technologies have already changed the whole process of business making. Nowadays, every physical business has its online platforms on the Internet. The world is changing every single minute. Try to predict new changes in your business sphere. It will certainly change and you will need to find new solutions in a new business climate. Take some of your free time and analyze the current situation in your business area. How will your business change in a few years? What will be the needs and preferences of your customers after some time? How will new technologies change your business? 

Ask yourself the above-mentioned questions and try to find some solutions. Predict new changes and strive to find appropriate solutions right now. 

Growing your business is not the easiest thing, and therefore, you will need to be very patient and wise. Do not be too disappointed and frustrated if you do not see any significant result in a few months. Building your business very quickly requires a number of necessary tools that should be used very professionally. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.