Gulag: A History by Anne Applebaum


Gulag: A History by Anne ApplebaumCommunism is evil, period. If there was a political system devised by the devil himself, then, communism is this very system that enslaves people. The founders of communism were indeed very corrupt and cunning people. There can’t be greatness in people who kill, imprison, and torture millions of people. ‘Gulag: A History’ by Anne Applebaum will tell you about the prison system used by communistic tyrants to punish people. 

Anne Applebaum is a historian and journalist. The author is a staff writer for The Atlantic as well as a Senior Fellow at The Agora Institute, John Hopkins University, where she runs a program dedicated to disinformation and propaganda in the 21st century. ‘Gulag: A History’ is a very detailed study of the infamous Soviet Union prison system. During the Russian Czar, concentration camps were not well-controlled, there was no discipline and hard labor. Stalin himself escaped from the Czars’ camps several times. According to the words of Stalin, anyone who has a little bit of desire to escape could easily escape from the camps. When the Czar was subjugated, and later, persecuted, concentration camps were reformed. They became tougher and crueler. Anne Applebaum traveled to Russia and managed to get access to historic and military information regarding Gulag camps. In ‘Gulag: A History’ the author tells about the history, administration, daily life, and laws in Gulags. This is surely the most thorough and detailed book on Gulags. 

I enjoyed reading this wonderful book. Anne Applebaum has carried out very big and difficult research to write this book. She traveled to Russia and even managed to get access to secret historic information. The book is filled with details. There are loads of numbers, dates, and unknown names in the book. The research is very meticulous. Sometimes, it was very difficult and boring to read the book due to data overload. I blame my impatience for this, but not the book. 

‘Gulag: A History’ by Anne Applebaum is a hidden gem. History connoisseurs will surely fall in love with this non-fiction book. The book will tell you a lot about the communistic system, and specifically, about its main punishment tool – Gulag.   

Written by Bahtiyar
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