handsome menYou may think that handsome men have all the necessary tools to seduce any woman. Yeah, that is true. However, you will find out that less attractive men date more girls than handsome boys do. There are a couple of significant reasons why handsome people are less eager of dating girls. I hope you understood me very well. I do not claim that attractive men do not date girls at all. I say that they are not eager for it. It is not the most important priority in their life. You may not be handsome, and therefore, you may be fancying about a gorgeous appearance. Some people dream about wealth, but wealthy people do not value their fortune too much. The same thing happens with handsome men. They have a lot of other priorities and girls are not much important for them. Let me explain this in detail and tell you why handsome men are less eager of dating girls.


That is true. Good looking men are narcissists. They love themselves very much. Usually, beautiful people are good looking from their childhood. That means if you are handsome, you probably were handsome in your childhood. I am telling you this to state that every handsome man is spoiled by excessive attention from his early childhood. These boys are chased by girls from their early babyhood. This is one of the reasons why these men have so high self-estimation. They are absolutely confident in their gorgeous appearance. They are cocky. 

Beautiful men dream about fame. They think that they deserve international fame because of their amazing look. Handsome men are very ambitious. Their good appearance makes them feel special and outrageous. Their inner world is very complicated. This is not the sort of man who gets married very early. They have too many ambitions to lose their free life. As I have told you, a handsome man has different priorities than a usual man. These men think that they definitely deserve to be worldwide famous. The best professions for them are actors, singers, models, and other specialties where a good appearance is required. If you want fame, you will do everything to get it. It is not a simple task and you need to be very hardworking.  Their egoism and narcissism are their main qualities. A handsome man strives to satisfy his desires and ambitions. These men seduce women with great ease, and therefore, women have already become disinteresting for them. They think that seduction is not a serious thing to be proud of. They do not need women. They want to be adored by women worldwide. Gorgeous men are sure that they deserve it, and as a result, a simple romantic relationship does not satisfy their pride.

Fame, fortune, and success may be the main priorities of handsome men. They are aware of their attractiveness, and consequently, they strive to use it maximally effectively. As I have told you, these men pay less attention to a woman’s beauty because their own appearance is sufficient for them. Sometimes, men date beautiful women when they need to compensate for their own unattractive look. A handsome guy has his own gorgeous beauty and he is satisfied with it. 

Let me conclude that handsome men are too much preoccupied with great ambitions and dreams about fame, fortune, and therefore, they do not have any excessive time to date girls. 


That is absolutely correct. We have already discussed why gorgeous women prefer dating ugly men. One of the reasons is because handsome boys are too cocky. This factor makes a woman feel very uncomfortable with handsome men. As you know, every woman needs to feel like a Goddess. Being with a gorgeous man does not give her this outstanding feeling. Attractive men are very proud of themselves and they will never humiliate themselves in front of a woman. Ugly men are not proud and some of them are ready to become a slave or a servant of a beautiful woman. Their low self-estimation does not create any barriers between them and women. 

Sometimes, a gorgeous man may think that women should chase him. Thus, he won’t make any efforts to seduce a woman. Women are usually confused by their confident and proud behavior. I have heard many times women telling me that they hate cocky men. That may be true.  Being proud and too self-assured may sometimes isolate a person from the whole society. Sometimes, good-looking men are too proud, and thus, they never start a conversation with a woman.       

Women prefer simple men and they do not like proud ones. Let us underline that gorgeous women are also very proud of themselves. What do you think will happen when two proud individuals encounter each other? A proud handsome man encounters a gorgeous proud woman. Both of them are very proud and haughty. They will simply ignore each other. This is what usually happens. 

Women require attention and care. Handsome men are very spoiled, selfish, infantile, and narcissistic. These men will never devote themselves to a woman. 

These are the main reasons why gorgeous men are less eager of dating girls. This type of man is too busy with their ambitious dreams and too proud to dedicate their time to a serious relationship. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.