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high-quality backlinks from amazonBacklinks is the most important SEO factor counted by all search engines. Google has more than 200 algorithms in its index. However, the most important of them is the quality and quantity of backlinks a website has. Thus, all online entrepreneurs understand the importance of backlinks. A website with a brilliant content won’t have any success if it has no high-quality backlinks pointing at it back. Having strong backlinks is more beneficial for a web resource’s SEO than on-page SEO. Backlinks is a head of SEO.

As I have already explained in my previous article, only high-quality backlinks can positively impact a website’s SEO score. Low-quality or nofollow backlinks do not impact a website’s SEO anyhow. In some occasions, low-quality backlinks can even harm. For this reasons, all SEO specialists and companies strive to build backlinks from the world’s most valuable and respected websites. Backlinks from the websites with high DA (Domain Authority) are extremely influential. These backlinks can enhance a website’s SE ranks in a very short period of time. Thus, having one single backlink from a website with DA 80 or DA 90 is better than building thousands of backlinks from low DA websites. Even 10 backlinks from high DA websites can seriously increase your SEO performance.

Amazon’s DA is 97.76 (Domain Authority) and PA is 92.81 (Page Authority). This is a tremendosuly high score. Having a dofollow backlink from Amazon would be great to seriously improve your overall SEO performance. Moreover, backlinks from high DA websites improve DA of the website the backlinks are pointing at. Amazon is one of the websites with the highest DA and PA.

Do the following steps in order to build high-quality dofollow backlinks from Amazon. The following tips will let you build loads of dofollow backlinks from Amazon.


On your PC, open Microsoft Word. Start writing a small brochure on any theme you want. You may write a few pages about SEO, blogging, or any type of topic you want. If you need a backlink, you definitely have some type of online business. If you are a blogger, you may write a brochure related to the main niche of your blog. Write at least 5 pages long brochure.


If your brochure is ready, publish it on Amazon KDP. It is very easy to do it. Even a child will be able to independently publish a digital book or a brochure on Amazon. Set a 0.99 $ price. Your objective is to build high-quality dofollow backlinks from Amazon, therefore, the price of your book should not concern you.


Now, when you have published your book, you can be called as an author. Consequently, you can create a personal author page on Amazon Author Central. high-quality backlinks from AmazonGo to https://authorcentral.amazon.com Write your biography there. Fill all the empty blanks there. high-quality backlinks from AmazonIn the field requiring your blog’s feed, insert the exact URL of your blog’s feed. New posts will appear on your Amazon Author Page within 24 hours of posting. Each of the post published on your blog will build you a unique high-quality dofollow backlink from Amazon.

high-quality backlinks from AmazonYou can visit you Amazon Author Page and check your feed out. Do not expect to see some posts on your Amazon blog as soon as you insert your blog’s feed. My posts appeared on my Amazon Author Page after a few days. high-quality backlinks from AmazonTherefore, for now, forget about your feed. Visit your Amazon Author Page tomorrow, or after a few days, and you will see the backlinks.

By the way, if you are able to set up your Amazon Author Page without publishing any digital books, do it. If you manage to do it, you won’t need to write and publish any books.  

Written by Bahtiyar
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