contentWhen you get involved in different types of online businesses, you will start realizing that making business on the Internet is not as simple as people assume it to be. The majority of Internet users tend to think that there is no competition in the online business sphere. If you think the same way, I can assure you that you know nothing about online business. The Web is a highly competitive business area. The competition on the Internet is even higher than the competition in the offline business niche. Millions of dollars are made every day on the Internet. Every online entrepreneur wants to outrun his competitors. More online entrepreneur you win on the Web, more income your business will get. For this reason, online entrepreneurs use all the possible opportunities and tools to become absolute leaders in their business niches. I can tell you that the biggest among online entrepreneurs is carried on SERPs. Since search engines are the main sources of web traffic, every blogger wants to get the best ranks on SERPs. Success in online business is mainly dependent on your SEO success. Good positions on SERPs may provide your website with tons of web traffic. Consequently, big volumes of web traffic will give you as much money as you want.

SEO consists of different mechanisms and parts. It is believed that Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors in its algorithms. In some of the famous speeches, Matt Cutts said that each of these 200 algorithms has 5 variations. Thus, our conclusions regarding 200 algorithms might be false. Bing and Yahoo use thousands of algorithms in their ranking systems. Hence, SEO is a very complicated system of unpredictable and unknown algorithms. At the same time, all of us know that backlinks building is one of the most important parts of SEO. A website’s backlinks profile is the most influential SEO factor. Websites with many high-quality backlinks usually get very good positions on SERPs. In fact, high-quality backlinks are more important than high-quality content. Even if you write thousands of great articles, none of them will be recognized on SERPs without having backlinks. When a person starts doing SEO, he resembles a lonely child in a big forest. His way is unknown and dark. He has heard some recommendations from different people. At the same time, he has absolutely no experience. Thus, when you begin doing SEO, you will usually emphasize you attention at creating high-quality content. You have heard a lot of times that high-quality content is crucial for good rankings. Some people will tell you that high-quality content is more important than backlinks building. Also, there are loads of SEO gurus who claim that pages with high-quality content can rank well on SERPs without backlinks. Finally, there are millions of people who overestimate the importance of content for good results in SEO. Of course, high-quality content is tremendously important for getting good positions on SERPs. At the same time, you should clearly understand that high-quality content is not the most important ranking factor in SEO.

Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines improve their ranking system. Day by day, Yahoo and Bing become better in providing people with the best search results. Google gets 60% of the market. The remaining 30 % are divided by Yahoo, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, and other less popular search engines. Bing works very hard to improve its algorithms. Therefore, Google needs to do everything in order to remain to be an absolute leader in the search engines market. At the same time, not all Google algorithms are enough good and just. In fact, Google values backlinks more than high-quality content. Domain Authority and Page Authority are more important for Google than high-quality content. So how can we call this policy as a fair one? I am absolutely sure that Google needs to fix its ranking algorithms. It should give equal value to both backlinks and high-quality content. Since Google strives to provide its users with the best search results, it should do everything in order to find the best pages on the Web. Very frequently, low-quality websites publish truly wonderful content. Sometimes, their content is better than the content of internationally famous and accepted web resources. Do you think that this type of content will get good positions on SERPs? No, it will never happen. Even if you publish a great masterpiece, your page will never be recognized on SERPs if it has a low Page Authority. This is how Google works. I am not an SEO expert. However, I have enough SEO experience to write good articles related to SEO.


How good is content on Yahoo Answers and Quora? In fact, these web resources do not publish any blog posts. Anyone can write absolutely everything on Yahoo Answers and Quora. Can we classify writings on Yahoo Answers and Quora as high-quality content? No, we cannot do it. I will be intellectually dishonest with you if I say that Quora and Yahoo Answers publish high-quality content. Of course, there are a lot of specialists and experts answering on these two web resources. At the same time, the biggest part of Quora and Yahoo Answers writers are not professional specialists. What is more, the majority of Yahoo Answers and Quora writers publish short answers. Thus, I am not able to classify their writing as high-quality articles or blog posts. Even though Quora and Yahoo Answers are filled with tons of garbage content, you will find that these websites are always on Google’s first search query page. Whatever you type in Google search, you will see some pages from Quora and Yahoo answers on the first page. Here is my question. Why did Google’s algorithms decide to place Quora and Yahoo answers on the first page even though their content is not high-quality? The answer is very simple. Both Quora and Yahoo Answers have high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). Consequently, the largest part of pages on Yahoo Answers and Quora has high PA. This is the only reason why these web resources are always on Google’s first pages. In the result, we can conclude that Google does not even provide its users with best pages on the Web. For Google, high-quality is a secondary factor. Google thinks that reputable websites do necessarily have high-quality content. This is not true. There is a lot of websites with high DA that have low-quality content. A reputable website does not unavoidably mean high-quality content.


On the other hand, there are thousands or even millions of blogs that do everything in order to get their pages ranked on Google. Mainly, these web resources try to publish as much high-quality content as possible. You will find out that the majority of new bloggers and online entrepreneurs follow all the rules on creating high-quality content. This means that their articles are not less than 800 words long. What is more, each of their blog posts includes an impressible image or even several images. Some bloggers insert videos inside their posts. In other words, they do everything to make their content ideal. These bloggers write for readers. They know that the competition is very high, and therefore, they will need to produce the best content. At the same time, these online entrepreneurs have not realized that Google values backlinks more than high-quality content. Emphasizing all your efforts at creating high-quality content does not guarantee you anything. Google prefers reputable websites with tons of high-quality content. For Google, it is not much important how many thousands of unique blog posts you have published on your blog. If your website has no backlinks, Google will ignore your work. Of course, your content will be indexed. However, nobody guarantees you that your writing will be recognized on SERPs.   Finally, there are loads of unknown websites which content is much better than you can find on Yahoo Answers and Quora. At the same time, those unknown websites have no high reputation in front of Google and other search engines. In the result, they are not ranked well on SERPs.

This is how exactly SEO works. I am practically familiar with Google algorithms. Before I started doing SEO, I was equipped with a big luggage of theoretical knowledge. Today, I am a well-practiced SEO specialist. When I check the best ranking pages of my blog, I see that all of them have high PA. Thus, the correlation between good positions on SERPs and noted MOZ metrics is very high. Increasing your page’s PA is the best way to rank that page on SERPs. You should never expect that sole high-quality content will skyrocket your rankings. If you do not build backlinks, all your hard work on creating high-quality will be absolutely worthless.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.