From ancient times, India has been one of the most mysterious and attractive countries for tourists around the globe. Its cultural variety makes this place very seductive for millions of curious travelers. There are loads of explorers who have spent many years discovering new places and destinations in India. The country is very huge and it consists of several states. All of them have different traditions and customs. In this post, I am going to narrate to you about Indian shemales – Hijras. Hijra is a linguistic term that is used in South Asia to name shemales (MTF transgender people). Hijras are Asian ladyboys. In some areas of India, shemales are known as Jagappa, Aruvani, and Aravani.

There are some Asian countries where Hijras are officially accepted as the third gender by their governments. These countries are Pakistan and Bangladesh. Shemales in India are officially protected by the government but its protection is formal. The Indian government cannot defend a small community of transgender people from the whole population of India. Hijras are considered to be outcasts in India. Local people hate and discriminate against them. This is the main reason why transgenders in India live in special communities. These communities are usually lead by the person who is considered to be a guru. Usually, Hijra communities adopt small homeless boys or the boys who are rejected by their families. Further, Hijras castrate these boys, and thus, their future is predetermined. 

Most of the Hijras are involved in escort services. Indian shemales are very religious and prostitution is not praised in their culture. However, they have no options. Prostitution is the only way to earn some money in their situation. Begging money is the usual thing for a Hijra. You may also see Indian transgenders dancing in different temples and weddings. Thes are other ways how Hijras earn for living. 

As I have already told you, communities of Hijras are lead by gurus. Usually, these gurus are pimps of shemale prostitutes in India. A Hijra may earn money in different ways, but she does not receive any of it. All money is given to a guru. This person gives a hijra shelter, food, some protection, and the ability to work. Hijras are very submissive to their gurus and this is the main factor that makes these communities very well organized. If a hijra refuses to give her income to a guru, she may be suspended from her community. Thus, she will lose everything. A hijra will be expelled from her shelter, and additionally, she will lose her ability to work. All working areas of Hijras are ruled and controlled by gurus, and consequently, they may easily unemploy any of them. Transgenders in India are discriminated against, and therefore, hijras need to stay in a community. Otherwise, they won’t be able to survive. It is still better for a Hijra to give all of her income to a guru. Thus, she will have shelter and some food. 

Indian shemales are not beautiful. I think that you have already seen some of their photos on the Internet. Their faces are not tender and attractive. We are not able to compare shemales from Southeast Asia with Indian Hijras. Some Ladyboys in Southeast Asia are even more gorgeous than real women. For most men, a hijra may look very unattractive. Others will find them enough good-looking to make sex with. Most of the hijras are castrated, and therefore, they have no ability to penetrate someone. Men who like bottoming will definitely dislike this fact. 

There are men who want to try and taste everything. Do you want to have some sexual experience with a hijra? I guess you may want it and you are reading this article with a clear purpose. 

It is not difficult to identify a hijra. They do not look too feminine like other shemales around the globe. Can you imagine a man with tons of makeup and in women’s clothes? That is how exactly what hijras look like. You will easily spot many shemales while traveling in India. Most of them are prostitutes, and for that reason, you need to have protected sex. You may forget about the word “expensive” while having a journey in India. Everything is very cheap in this wonderful country. India is considered to be the cheapest country in the world for living and traveling. The services of hijra prostitutes won’t cost you much. 

We travel to enlarge our experience, and hence, I think that it is necessary to try everything in new geographical destinations.   

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.